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  1. Squadron Name: 64th Aggressors Discord ID on MVP Discord: <64>TaoHermit Contact person Discord ID: <64>TaoHermit#9256 Aircraft Selection: F16 Pilots: USA - <64>TaoHermit
  2. sounds great, thanks dundun, I hope to make it but life is a bit busy at the moment
  3. Thanks for setting up another so quickly. What do you think about air starts w/~80nm separation, and having to land at a centrally located airfield? Doing full satal rounds with startup and takeoff for just 2v2 is a bit of a time commitment for the amount of action. This is how Arena (2v2 fox 1) was set up and thought it was a solid format
  4. Thanks dundun and all, lots of fun, definitely down for another in the near future
  5. Would it be possible to swap 64th II and GTAG II? That way the only way a squad would fight itself would be in the finals.
  6. Sounds fun, I'd join if I didn't have a SATAL match that day. Curious though, the mk60 is typically more deadly than the 54C, and usually the restriction would be reversed. Is this intended?
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