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  1. ED broke A/A TACAN in the whole game, and the worst part is that they believe its [correct as is] i think it works only with human-controlled planes now.
  2. CCIP should work regardless of INS drift, this is a bug. Under no circumstances should the fall line be horizontal.
  3. its not, the real jet takes into account closure rate for trackfile rank, dcs does not. thats the problem.
  4. there is very severe penalty for look-down situations, on % range decrease per degree below horizon principle. if the radar antenna is pointing below 27 degrees below horizon, the range of your radar is actually zero iirc. yes this isnt realistic but thats how it is.
  5. not sure if same bug, but i once spawned as air start and both engines died right away and couldnt be reignited. and before someone asks, no, it wasnt because my throttle was in off position, my hw isnt capable of that function. i didnt have to restart the game though, just restarting the mission was enough. agreed reminds me of identical issues in xplane addons
  6. why is this marked correct as is? its not correct at all
  7. i dont have track yet, but im regularly getting the bug now - since the last OB only, it was fine before. so this is a regression in the current OB.
  8. uhhhh... it appears its still happening. but its definitely happening much less often because this is the first time i got it in months. this is an F-4 firing a sidewinder
  9. some sparrows can guide without a lock because of HOJ
  10. the threat rings in hornet and viper arent from link-16 but loaded from data cartridge. they also support sending new threat rings over link-16 (and removing them when eliminated) but thats not at all implemented in dcs. so if deka was to implement threat rings, it wouldnt be over link-17.
  11. i think you should post this in the F-16 section, rather than this DCS world section. that place gets much more attention https://forum.dcs.world/forum/333-bugs-and-problems/
  12. so.... link-4c doesnt work with ai wingmen at all now? i order jester to switch to fighter-to-fighter datalink but i dont see my ai wingmans position, nor their targets. is this human-human only?
  13. if they are directly below you, your rwr wont see them
  14. that cant be right even f-14's primitive link-4c shares search contacts between flight members
  15. it increases maximum g by 33%. in case of clean jet (7.5g max), increase to 10g is correct. source: natops
  16. i have the same issue but in whole screen, not related to TGP. the game has a bug when rendering certain objects and it only happens to some people, resulting in black rectangle over that object. i have posted previously about this being triggered by civilian traffic on channel map in my case. about a year ago also by cockpit lights in mig-21.
  17. ancient bug that ED knows about for years workaround is to enable the stick to be rendered:
  18. i havent seen the bug since the last update looks good
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