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  1. TMS UP is the same as TMS Forward and TMS Down is the same as TMS aft. They are named forward and aft because of how they are physically setup on the real thing.
  2. I havent been able to get it to work on 1 monitor. Good luck with 3. I also tried setting a 3 screen setup and the sim just crashes when it loads a mission so I gave up on that. Other people have working multi monitor setups tho.
  3. Im assuming you meant CheckedValue REG_DWORD 0x00000001 (1)? Anyways, I tried this and the dcs folder did not show up. I tried a similar method with a search and that didnt work either. Is it possible to create the dcs folder? I couldnt figure out how. I did find a blackshark folder but it wasnt under the 3dvision folder so I assume that wasnt the correct folder especially since none the mentioned DWORDs appeared in it.
  4. I followed the directions but still cannot get the dcs folder in regedit to be displayed. I tried the fix to show hidden folders and no go. Also I remember when there was a time I was able to see the folder and I tried the registry hack and didnt work. The instructions on that linked forum are rather confusing as to what the settings are supposed to be since some settings mentioned are apparently typos. I couldnt figure out what the correct settings are supposed to be.
  5. Has anyone been able to get Nvidia Stereo 3D working for Blackshark2 or A10C? I cant seem to get them to work and Ive tried doing some registry edits that someone posted awhile ago which did not work.
  6. What happened to the store though? It seems no longer possible to purchase cockpit stuff?
  7. Same here. I have 2 games I love. DCS and Evercrack II. Unfortunately Evercrack II is crack on steroids so I havent flown the hog in awhile. When I do, all I ever play is the first instant mission. Learning to start the hog is fun the first few times but I find cold starts to get old if your gonna get blown up in 5 minutes. So start with all the training missions and replay them till your comfortable with it, and then just run the instant action mission. Its probably the easiest mission in the game but its challenging enough that I have yet to complete it so I feel it has tons of replayability just on that one mission. I havent figured out how to do the last sequence and usually I die on the tanks gunning me down because I keep trying to unsuccessfully kill them with my guns. I dont like to use mavs except on sams and AAA. Once you learn the system basics, this is probably the best one to start with.
  8. Dang. Id hate to have to remember all the combinations. I thought learning on the Hotas Warthog was hard enough to remember which switches did what. It looks like you have effectively doubled or tripled the number of combinations on a single hat.
  9. That A-10 can be yanked and banked to some extent without the problems you are talking about. It is quite maneuverable although probably not as much as a fighter. Ill bet just about anything you are trying to steer the plane with rudder. This is not how you fly a jet aircraft and doing so will do exactly what you are describing. To turn the plane, you bank (using aileron) into the turn and use elevator to keep your nose level. SLIGHT amounts of rudder can be used if necessary to keep a coordinated turn, but if I were you trying to just start out, I would not touch the rudder at this point. You can fly the aircraft in calm weather without ever touching the rudder except when you are on the ground. Also make sure your controls are set up properly.
  10. Id buy one for sure. Let me know when you have one available.
  11. Ive been having problems gbu-12 as well. I tried auto and manual lase and verified a flashing L and it misses nearly everytime. I know my targeting procedure is fine because I can use every other weapon without issue. For whatever reason it isnt tracking the laser.
  12. Does Helios interact with Opencockpits devices?
  13. I can never understand the box reasoning either. If you download the files and immediately burn them to disk, then you have something you can hold. And if you desperately need some cardboard to go with it, (I usually end up throwing away my boxes anyway) easy enough to cut a box out of scrap. You could even print out a cool picture for it. Better off waiting a few more months. Your not missing anything lol.
  14. i5 chips are a slightly stripped down version of the i7 so they can be sold cheaper and to more people. Yes i7 2600 is better (faster speed and more cache.) Someone else will have to tell you about ATI. I wont touch them with a 10ft pole because in my experience, their drivers plain suck. But other people like them so Im not gonna say they are bad.
  15. I installed my chip this evening and had to wrestle with DCS getting corupted and having to reinstall so I only managed some preliminary testing and did not have time to try different settings or tweaks with Nvidia control panel. I managed a 4.5Ghz stable overclock but my initial impression is that I did not see a noticeable performance improvement over the i950. Somehow Im not surprised and really wasnt expecting much. Its all part of the law of diminishing returns. All settings were set to max except AA was 8x. Flying the instant action mission, my fps ranged from 78-38 most of the time and dropping in the high teens low 20s in some areas. I havent experienced the slow down other people have complained about when firing the GAU, but when the bomb hits the bridge at waypoint 4, the sim pauses for about a second every single time. Probably a known issue Im sure. I dont really care about Cinebench benchmarks but since others made a big deal about it, I tried it and managed only 6038 score for the single thread cpu render. Multi-core test was a different story. As far as pricing goes, this processor hasnt even been released yet but it'll probably be in $999 range that their premium chip always go for. Do I think its worth that price? No. But you always will pay premium price for premium performance regardless of whos brand your buying. 990X will likely shine much more in multi-threaded applications than single/dual core type apps. As far as i can tell, the only difference between the 980x and 990x is minor speed bumb.
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