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  1. Hello, Can you add in the flight log the number of aircraft landing on the aircraft carrier? Other thing, why are network flight hours not counted on log book? Thank a lot. Red
  2. You are right, I want them too ! Exocet power !
  3. Thank you very much for detail ! I hope so
  4. In Caucasus or PG we use only 40% because other are empty. I don't understand this concept. Increase the size of the map just to say we have the bigger one, I think that's fair ... commercial. Go to Iraq, Koweit or Qatar in PG, better to have nothing than to have this. Like Caucasus and Istanbul ... Personally, I prefer a small, high-quality map than a very large, very empty one. After each his point of view. Yes ED is being challenged both on the Map (Ugra Media) but also on the aircraft side (Heatblur, Deka). Finally, the winners are the customers.
  5. So happy too ! I hope to the end of the year !
  6. Super 530F is Fox 1 not Fox 2 For IR, you have MAGIC and MAGIC II In french : Le missile peut recevoir deux types de tête chercheuse interchangeables, une version à guidage semi-actif et une autre à guidage infrarouge. Les deux versions sont équipées d'une charge à fragmentation à haut pouvoir explosif de 27 kg. Bien que souvent présenté comme un développement du R530, le Super 530F n'a que peu de ressemblance avec son prédécesseur. Il possède un radôme ogival en céramique abritant l'antenne de la tête chercheuse AD26 et le système de guidage. The missile can receive two types of interchangeable homing head, one with semi-active guidance and another with infrared guidance. Both versions are equipped with a high explosive fragmentation charge of 27 kg. Although often touted as a development of the R530, the Super 530F bears little resemblance to its predecessor. It has a ceramic ogival radome housing the AD26 homing head antenna and the guidance system. Mirage is french, better data in french: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matra_R530
  7. It's so sad, build a big and interesting map and using it at only 30% ! 70% useless Fortunately, Ugra Media (Syria) increases the level Map in DCS and challenges ED ! Thanks for your last reply.
  8. Hello, I don't understand ED. Why PG is done ? It's not possible ! Yes Map is perfect in South Est but we have got nothing to Noth West. Nothing to Irak, Koweit, Saudi Arabia, Qatar ... Empty ... no autogen ... We have got F14 and soon Mirage F1, we can play to Iran-Iraq war in 1988 attack on boat, fight between F14/F1 .... We need to Bassora airport, Ispahan city (Iran) ... You can read the book "Iraqi Mirages In Combat: The story of the F11EQ in Iraq". Grim Reapers : Please add life to North West ! Thank a lots
  9. Since the last MAJ, impossible to lock any aircraft ! The cmd STT/TWS Toggle doesn't work :( Answer : 1. Radar HOTAS Buttons/Switches The following Radar HOTAS buttons/Switches have changed functionality: * "TDC CENTER" - It is now "TDC DEPRESS (Lock Target)". Its unique function is to lock AA targets. The radar now has a default lock mode. This means that you can lock an AA target as TWS or directly to STT. * "STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock)" - It is now "STT/TWS Toggle". It no longer locks an AA target, that function is carried out by "TDC DEPRESS (Target Lock)" Its functionality has changed as follows: - With a locked AA target: toggles between STT/TWS tracking modes (same as before). - With the radar on SCAN and no locked AA target, it selects the default lock mode for AA targets: STT or TWS. The default lock mode can be overridden by the toggle switch but upon target unlock will go back to its default. => Replace STT/TWS Toggle by TDC DEPRESS and mapp an another key for switch STT/TWS Toggle (PSID/PDIC).
  10. Salut, Le M2KC a évolué, une fois le master arm enclenché tu reste quand même en mode navigation même si tu as joué avec le PCA. Il faut que tu mappe le mode AFT/FWD pour passer du mode "nav master arm on" en "combat master arm on". Tu peux aussi mapper sur un bouton 3 position le PCA select/release ... pour switch canon => MAGIC => 530
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