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  1. What altitude did you test this on and which speed did you read? Remember IAS or CAS is not the same as EAS or TAS or Mach number. Aeordynamic speeds are quite a deep and confusing topic.
  2. Remove the overclock and report back. Stress tests do not cover every situation. I had crashes in other games, which were not detected by Furmark and prime95.
  3. With a high probability, when starting the game the initial splash screen will not go away. The music plays and the menu buttons seem to be functional, but I cannot see anything. Launching a second time and the problem disappears, but it is very annoying. Unfortunately the logs do not show a difference between successfull and failed launches. It might be a driver level error from AMD, because I have seen similar first vs second launch behaviour on other rare occasions. dcs_nostart.log
  4. Thanks for the solution. Did not know about it.
  5. In the bug subforum Leatherneck wants us to use their bugtracker. However people still post on the DCS forums, where bugs are acknowledged by the developers, but they are not added to the official tracker. This needlessly complicates matters. So where should we post stuff to avoid duplicates?
  6. I filed the same bug report in the DCS 2.5 AI subforum.
  7. In the video you linked you can see how he instantly manages to get behind the F-4 and just about stay there with a few sight losses. However, if the lowest level AI is behind you, it absolutely stays glued on your 6 and won't budge from there. You even can see in some maneuvers how the MiG-21bis goes out of energy and almost spins, while the F-4 doesn't care. There is even a comment at 28:19 in the top left which says exactly that, that a maneuver should have caused a spin for the F-4. Do you talk about the F-5 or F-5E?
  8. I know the GFM is coming to resolve the issues here, but this could take quite some time and a quick n' dirty fix would be highly appreciated. The F-4 AI is so out of place energy wise, it is unbeatable in a MiG-21bis. Just tone it down by like 30% for the lowest difficulty setting and let the others untouched. That is a huge problem, because this is next to the F-5 the only other adequate opponent. As soon as I see an F-4 in a mission, especially in DCS Liberation 2.0, it becomes an exercice in frustration. Unbeatable in a dogfight.
  9. That is a good idea. However a RWR does not give a clue about the distance to the target as far as I know, especially not in the old MiG-21bis. Maybe that is different in the modern jets, but I think even the F-15C RWR does not have that information. Also that MiG-21bis RWR is definitely not accurate enough to give an exact heading. 50km are too far away to visually spot such a small plane. May I ask why a track is needed? Do you work for ED, because I see you commenting a lot in the bug section for additional details. First I didn't think of saving the track, but I remember similar issues have popped up in the past. It appeared in the trivially scripted MiG-21bis Interception mission.
  10. First, please give us FC3 users the seperate themes of each aircraft. And a native option to add new themes to the game. This entire OvGME thing is quite annoying in the long run.
  11. My wingman in a MiG-21bis called out an F-5 from 50 km away which is not possible to be spotted with the on-board radar. There were no other visual cues such as contrails for it to make sense otherwise.
  12. On the russian game version there are several new options in the voice communications menu with AI and they are in English.
  13. I removed a few keybindings, both keyboard and joystick ones while in the new category view and they were not saved repeatedly after clicking on ok. When I switched to the old view it finally saved those settings.
  14. Это вина с ДМ. Большие самолеты по прямой Р-3Р надежно сбивает.
  15. I did finish the Revanche campaign and I just cannot recommend to play any single player content in DCS due to a shocking amount of bugs and issues of the core engine. Problems from erronously designed campaigns with wrong loadouts come on top of that and make everything very much frustrating. I think in most cases the Ka-50 helicopters just do not do anything useful at all from my memory. But because there are so many issues I did not even bothered to report it, as it literally takes just one developer to make a single playthrough to see most of it. Hopefully the big announcements of core improvements will be fulfilled.
  16. Since the other two replies simply redirected you, here is the answer. Yes, it does. A heavier aircraft needs to run an engine more powerful than the same aircraft with less weight and needs a higher speed for takeoff. Both of these increase the wake turbulence.
  17. I am on the latest open beta release, however I had this issue earlier already. This is what I get when opening the moscow.edm in the model viewer, which leads to the same graphical corruption. I ran DCS repair to no avail and do not know what to make of this log. Deleting all moscow files in /bazar/world/shapes and redownloading throught he repair tool were unsuccessfull. ModelViewer2::createLua ---------------------------------------------------------------- 8.2491 DEBUG ModelViewer2::createLua scan for textures and liveries 9.5880 DEBUG ModelViewer2::createLua ---------------------------------------------------------------- 10.8300 ERROR EDCORE Can't mount mods/terrains/caucasus/vfstextures/trees.zip. Drivers errors: 10.8300 ERROR EDCORE EDCDriver: there is no directory mods/terrains/caucasus/vfstextures/trees.zip.edc 10.8300 ERROR EDCORE FSDriver: there is no directory mods/terrains/caucasus/vfstextures/trees.zip 10.8300 ERROR EDCORE ZipDriver: Can't open zip archive mods/terrains/caucasus/vfstextures/trees.zip. 10.9101 DEBUG ModelViewer2::createLua scan done 10.9101 DEBUG ModelViewer2::createLua ---------------------------------------------------------------- 10.9413 INFO DX11BACKEND resize to resolution 1201x637 11.3964 INFO DX11BACKEND resize to resolution 1201x377 13:00:05 WARNING: QFileSystemWatcher::removePath: path is empty 29.1857 ERROR EDCORE Can't mount c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/textures. Drivers errors: 29.1857 ERROR EDCORE EDCDriver: there is no directory c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/textures.edc 29.1857 ERROR EDCORE FSDriver: there is no directory c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/textures 29.1857 ERROR EDCORE ZipDriver: Can't open zip archive c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/textures.zip. 29.2073 ERROR EDCORE Can't open file 'c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/moscow.edm.ilv' from fs. 29.2074 ERROR EDCORE Can't open file 'c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/moscow.edm.ilv' from fs. 29.2074 WARNING VIEWERCOMMON file c:/program files/eagle dynamics/dcs world openbeta/bazar/world/shapes/moscow.edm.ilv not found 29.2080 TRACE EFFECTS creating ODCSParticleSystem effect 29.2081 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND render target 'cockpitDepth' not found 29.4968 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND texture 'moskva_sokolenok_roughmet' not found. Asked from 'VIEWERCOMMON' 29.5077 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND texture 'MISSING_TEXTURE_COMPARATOR_THIS_IS_NOT_ERROR' not found. Asked from 'VIEWERCOMMON' 29.5081 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND texture 'MISSING_TEXTURE_normal_COMPARATOR_THIS_IS_NOT_ERROR' not found. Asked from 'VIEWERCOMMON' 32.2201 INFO DX11BACKEND resize to resolution 1841x794
  18. Black textures on deck of the ship. Real shame, because it is otherwise an incredibly great looking model.
  19. Я пустил две ракеты Р-60М в этот вертолет UH-1H. В обоих случаях прямое попадание. Хвост вертолета оторван, половина роторов отвалилось как видно на скриншоте, но игра считает что он только поврежден. Так пришлось переставить условия в миссии не обьект уничтожен, а на поврежден. А главное вертолет не упал как камень, а еще довольно длительно приземлялся. Вообще вертолеты в DCSе не очень работают. Многие ИИ команды Чинука не работают. "Старт" ничего не делает, "Посадка" получаеться очень жесткой. ИИ Ка-50 не очень эффективно вступает в бое и так далее. Да и уничтожит Ми-24Б даже с прямом попаданием С-8КОМ когда на стоянке не реально. А 30мм пушка Су-25 прямо разносит вертушки мощнее каждой ракеты. Прошу фиксы в этом разделений.
  20. How it should work. 1. Create a mission or open a mission. 2. Change something. 3. Exit 4. An exit screen pops-up warning you to save the mission. How to provoke the save file dialogue to be skipped. 1. Create a mission or open a mission. 2. Chane something. 3. Open the glossary. 4. Close the glossary. 5. Exit. 6. All changes lost.
  21. I noticed the Chinook is also landing very questionably. It seems it is on some outdated AI routines.
  22. This specific helicopter does not perform the start command when the conditional trigger is set to pass 10 seconds. A trigger on mission start without the time condition and the helicopter procedes with the start up. Attached is a minimal example of the problem and how another helicopter model is unaffected by it. helo_start_command_test.miz
  23. This helicopter has an incredibly tough armor. I made apparently a direct hit with a nice salvo of S8-OFP2 on a landed Mi-24b, yet it still could take off. According to the damage log it was down to 48% of hit points. Sometimes even a R-60M will not take down the Mi. When using the Su-25's guns it acted normally. They did much more damage than those S8 rockets and about equally as a lucky R-60M hit.
  24. There is a workaround posted in the russian forums which I can confirm works with very limited testing, nvertheless a bug which has to be fixed: The instant CCRP drop happens when the laser was not activated long enough before the drop. Activate the laser 15-30 seconds before holding the trigger and it will not instantly release.
  25. With Windows 10 Microsoft implemented Spatial Sound, so it is now possible to use e.g. Dolby Atmos for Headphones for virtualization. A neat feature not to rely on HeSuVi or other paid and free software to do this. With 1809 it finally works with pretty much all games which output surround. Not so with DCS World unfortunately. It sticks to stereo channels, because unlike the 'old' method to set a surround speaker configuration, the spatial sound sets stereo speakers, but tries to force a game to output surround channels. It is quite reliable with most games, so it would be nice to see this fixed in DCS.
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