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  1. I would be interested to know if you are running open beta, or stable, and have you run into any conflicts yet?
  2. Well you have a point there, and I think it seems to be a growing trend... work for free. But that was the point I started my contribution to this thread on, and it leaves me wondering, is it because the mods themself don't have the resources needed to commercialize their work, or do more of them fall into the category of wanting to just do it as a hobby? If its the because they don't have the resources, then given the long development cycles, ED could possibly benefit from helping some of these guys out.
  3. Oh sorry @SharpeXB, I thought you were following along in the thread. The discussion point was an argument to have talented mods like the one that just released the ability to use clicks with FC3 planes as official modules so guys like me would buy it.
  4. That's a good point, but I suspect that is where the partnership would come in. ED wouldn't maintain it, the third party Dev would. ED would just provide the third party with a large built-in customer base from which it draws sales from. ED would get a percentage of the transaction, but the third party would get paid for the product and maintenance it delivers to DCS customers.
  5. +1. That has to be on the near term things-to-do list I think.
  6. I expect that out of the thousands of players that have purchased the FC3 package, some of them are VR users, and will continue to use VR even after ED releases the upcoming core features meant to improve its use. I don't think we need to wait for MAC to see how this mod is going to help those people use their FC3 package in VR.
  7. Unlike your previous post, this one doesn't come packaged using the same logic. Nothing would change! ED could go on to continue selling the FC3 package as long as there were customers wanting to buy it, and still nothing would change. The mod in this case would be a paid for add-on that individual customers would decide if they want to purchase, or not. ED would get its share from the transaction, but they would have no maintenance/development responsibilities for the mod. Regarding whether FC3 planes have functions that require/could use click... I recommend you revisit the FC3 if you have it. Saying that FC3 planes have less need for a clickable cockpit is one thing, but saying that they have NO functions that could use a click would be stretching it a bit. The decision to purchase the mod would be up to the individual player. You for example might not be interested in adding this functionality to your FC3 module, but thousands of other users might be.
  8. That's a very good point @SharpeXB, and I would agree. If all the FC planes were the cost of a FF module, they wouldn't be selling FC3 anymore they would be selling FF modules. But if you read my previous post, nothing changes except ED and another 3rd party make a partnership where everyone benefits, you, me, the third party, and ED.
  9. Those are all good points. What I hope we see instead would be for the Channel map to expand in the other direction. Both maps would remain relevant and would also allow us to make a much wider range of mission types, which would be aided by the fact that both maps can be used to make a single Campaign. I superimposed a rough sketch of the Channel map if it were expanded to the same size as the Normandy map to show the approximate area it would cover.
  10. I agree, your suggestion sounds about right to me. It wouldn't make much business sense for ED to do something like that. But what could possibly work would be for the mod to partner with ED. Using this case as the example, lets say I really like the plane set included in the FC3 package so I pick it up for $50. But then I want to add click in the pit, so I pick that package up too for another (insert $ here), from which ED gets a percentage. This could be a business model that works because ED still sells the FC3 package like they always do, and if the customer wants more, ED generates another revenue stream without having to maintain the product beyond the FC3 product description, while the mod benefits from the large built-in client base ED provides it. This type of partnership could be applied for a large number of really good mods. Imagine all the additional official DCS modules/assets we would have access to.
  11. Krak des Chevaliers In old Damascus Palmyra
  12. I would like to know more about the extensive differences between the two time periods? Do you mean the number of airfields, or something else?
  13. From the video, it looks like the buttons are animated too. Is this correct? I am not a mod guy because of all problems it causes. Are you aware of any conflicts with Stable version? I don't think I will ever understand the mod community. How do they find the time to donate something like this to the community as freeware? Amazing video though thanks.
  14. Roman ruins, aqueduct, and more Norias around Hama.
  15. Yes +1 the feature should be available on the F10 map for CA users as well.
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