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  1. That's close to what we are doing. I (host) on Cat 2 and one other person on Cat 3 take off together. Once we are airborne, the third person connects and takes off from Cat 4. Has this officially been identified as a possible bug? I see it says "Reported".
  2. Me and my flight mates are also having a similar issue. I'm hosting the mission and always the first to lock into position on CATI or CATII. Any of my other flight mates that go to CATI or CATII, they bounce back as soon as they lock into position. I'm going to have my flight mates lock in first and I will lock in last to see what happens. Update: Did some further testing today. This time around, I had a flight mate connect to CATI first...all good. I rolled up (I'm hosting the mission) to CATII. As soon as my "launch bar" touched the deck, my flight mate rolled back into the blast door. Even when we switch positions, he takes CATII and I take CATI, still happens. This is happening on two separate missions.
  3. I'm using this one to practice the ACLS...ACLS Practices (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  4. Copy that. Somebody that plays that mission my come on and tell you how to complete it. Good Luck!
  5. If my memory serves me correctly, SA-10 and SA-15 are capable of shooting down JSOWS. There may be others as well. I normally go NOE on the SA-10s and take out the track radar with guns.
  6. Your correct, wrong thread. Thanks Copy...Thanks
  7. In order for buddy lasing to work, both aircraft has to have an ATFLIR for example? I was lasing a target because my flight mate forgot to load an ATFLIR. He set his GBU12s to my code. His GBUs missed. So just to confirm, do we both have to have an ATFLIR? Thanks
  8. Tried two different ways, both slow...
  9. Flew the F-16 for a long time. Wanted something different, thus the F-18 for me. Most likely will not buy the current F-16.
  10. Just to make sure, you have "master arm" on? In SMS (Stores Management System) page, select GBUs 82 LG, boxed when selected
  11. Same here. Adjusting contrast and brightness helps a little bit.
  12. Drac


    If I recall, I do not believe you get an email stating receipt of your order.
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