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  1. I found a converter program and made a PDF. Since I don't have the full version of Adobe PDF, I'm not able to fill it in. Hope you are able to. Virpil-VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle Button Layout Template.pdf
  2. It may be possible. I'm no expert, but will give it a try. Hopefully someone on the Forum already has it converted or has another format.
  3. I use this template for the CM3. Virpil-VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle Button Layout Template.pptx
  4. I would recommend Secret Lab which I am using and love it. Secretlab Gaming Chairs & Gaming Desk | Secretlab US
  5. Since you are a VR user, I will await your findings.
  6. Yes, I use it. I believe the OP wanted to "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" slow in VR. What is the trick for that? I haven't figured it out yet unless a change I may have missed.
  7. Unless something has changed, It's not possible in VR..
  8. Control Stick Steering (CSS) I believe is what you are referring to..
  9. If you move your aircraft, won't it stop refueling? However, it will stop your weapons loadout as well.
  10. Where is the location of this Line?
  11. I have had this happen to me. Found out it was the monitor (lighting) and I had to turn it off. Never had this problem until about a few months ago.
  12. Same. I now have changed it to pressing the button to turn it to "listening" and pressing again to "suspend listening". Use to have it as PTT.
  13. I don't recall seeing a post addressing the use of this device in the left hand...did I miss it. I'm a PointCTRL user myself.
  14. That's close to what we are doing. I (host) on Cat 2 and one other person on Cat 3 take off together. Once we are airborne, the third person connects and takes off from Cat 4. Has this officially been identified as a possible bug? I see it says "Reported".
  15. Me and my flight mates are also having a similar issue. I'm hosting the mission and always the first to lock into position on CATI or CATII. Any of my other flight mates that go to CATI or CATII, they bounce back as soon as they lock into position. I'm going to have my flight mates lock in first and I will lock in last to see what happens. Update: Did some further testing today. This time around, I had a flight mate connect to CATI first...all good. I rolled up (I'm hosting the mission) to CATII. As soon as my "launch bar" touched the deck, my flight mate rolled back into the blast door. Even when we switch positions, he takes CATII and I take CATI, still happens. This is happening on two separate missions.
  16. I'm using this one to practice the ACLS...ACLS Practices (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  17. Copy that. Somebody that plays that mission my come on and tell you how to complete it. Good Luck!
  18. If my memory serves me correctly, SA-10 and SA-15 are capable of shooting down JSOWS. There may be others as well. I normally go NOE on the SA-10s and take out the track radar with guns.
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