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  1. Check out my pit... I used the DogFightBoss plans....
  2. I noticed that the green and blue pointers have gone.... Nice nomex glove though
  3. Seat rumble continues after crash Hi Guys, Not sure if it's a bug or 'by design' but I find that if I sustain any damage i.e. after a crash, my seat rumbles as I would expect but it never stops unless I go into the software and hit the 'Restart' button on the 'Output Mode' section. I am using SimShaker for aviators V1.3.13.0. If I don't hit the restart button then even if I respawn in a new jet then the seat is still rumbling. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi Andy! There were no extra charges to import it. I have found in the past that the Import Authorities dont check all parcels, so some may get charged import tax and some won't.... I was lucky I guess :-) Dave 'Shadow912' S
  5. Hi Rick! You recently did some skins for the RAAF Marksmen Team. (One of which was for me - LOVE IT!). However I am now also flying with the Virtual Skyblazers. We have done some of the basic stuff, i.e. names on jets and helmets and although they look OK we were wondering if you had time to do us a custom repaint. Our current jets look 'dirty' and we dont have the skillset you have to make them shiny (like your jets in this post). Would you be up for re-doing them for us? Best regards Dave 'Shadow' S - Virtual Skyblazers Slot Pilot
  6. Hi Guys, I am experimenting with adding smoke to the F-86, but not from a wing pylon. I have manged to move the smoke pod to the exhaust pipe of the jet but it just looks a bit daft having a smoke pod laid in the tail pipe. Is there a way to remove the 'graphic' for the pod but still have it active?
  7. Hi guys, I fly slot for the Virtual Skyblazers and we are also in need of a centreline smokepod for our displays....
  8. Hi Guys, Pitch Trim. We have a virtual team flying the Tiger. As part of our take off brief we set pitch trim +5 (no external tanks but smoke on each wing tip). Since the last update, pitch trim is not working. The gauge moves as the trim hat switched is moved but there it has no effect on the jet and the stick does not move.... Am I missing something? Shadow912 TVFT - The Virtual Flying Tgers DISCORD - https://discord.gg/NwGrYY
  9. Ignore my last post.... I found my simshakersettings.bin file and reimported it.
  10. Hi guys, do we lose all the profiles when a new version of S4A is installed?
  11. Hi Guys, not sure if i'm being a little bit dim here. But should the SimShaker for Aviators software auto update? I am on beta version I know there was an update for the F5 bug I reported a couple of weeks back but i still have the issue and i'm not ure how to get the update... :helpsmilie:
  12. Thanks Baldrick, I will ask hime to enable/allow player exports :-)
  13. Hu Guys, I have another question regarding Simshaker for Aviatorz and my Realteus seat. I fly both single player and multiplayer. I have no issue in single player but in some multiplayer servers my seat just stops to work. I normally find the problem is when I join a friend's server. Is there something that would need to be included in the mission file to allow my seat to work? Looking forward to hearing from you... Shadow
  14. Hi Chicki. I get what you are saying about the VR thing. But I get a buzz out if flying in this pit everytime I get in. ????
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