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  1. Maybe offer both. subscription with all modules enabled and the current mode.
  2. OP is refering to FSR 2.0 wich cannot be applied after. It needs to be inside de code cause is a temporal AA upscaler.
  3. they could implement all of them like many other games. DLSS and FSR and then, the new Xess All the upscaling techniques are properties of some companies and work better with their hardware so if ED wants to implement one of them (and they should) They would have to choose.
  4. i guess so, you'll just have to test it
  5. maybe, marianas in VR still not enjoyable, but al least is not a slide show anymore
  6. single handedly the most amazing DCS VR upgrade.
  7. The only way to effectively remove shimmering in vr is using some temporal AA like TAA or DLSS. Hopefully vulkan gives access to it
  8. Even an update would ve enough for me... At least for a while
  9. i start the mission and remove the headset for that same reason.
  10. I would love to see if ED can replicate this abnormal behavior
  11. Have the same issue and also go away when i use alt-tab. For the record, it`s not a GPU bottleneck cause it`s far from max usage
  12. have you tried disable the selective USB suspend?
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