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  1. Hi Mikhail, Please add me to the list. Shipping to Lisbon - Portugal. Thanks!
  2. It has been released in the store. Let's enjoy.
  3. Hey all, So I've been busy with my button prototypes, and I have accomplished something. :D The buttons The montage behind the panel and testing So it's kind of a redneck approach to lighted buttons, but still, I am happy with the results. There are still some improvements to be made, namely on the light bleeding, but it does not bleed to the letters as clear as it looks in the picture above. It doesn't look as bad as in the picture. But overall I liked this solution. Cheers
  4. Thanks!The panels are drawn by me, personalized according to my needs and liking, and then produced here in a shop nearby. They are all in acrylic. The switches, knobs etc, are bought mostly on ebay. Just regular stuff easily available to all. I do not intend on making a high fidelity cockpit with real switches.
  5. Hey simmers, So, I have been a bit quiet since I have been busy in my professional life, but I have been making some progress lately. I have finished the structure for the Rear Left Console and Left Console: I have received my Left Console panels also: Also, been messing around with the weapons control panel's buttons, and I will making a kind of personalized versions of them. I had a deadline in the previous post of mine, which stated that by now I would have the left console all wrapped up. I botched this deadline since I altered my work plan. I started work on other Consoles at the same time to get an overview of the whole cockpit more easily. I haven't taken any picture but I have started on the Right Console, the Base of the cockpit and the general structure. Just a final pic of a panel WIP.
  6. Thanks for the message, I've replied already. So not a lot going on for now, in the past few I have made some progress with the structure for the right console and the rear right console. Unfortunately I had a home incident where my right was punctured by a piece of falling glass and it left me with 3 stitches. Nothing major of course but it left me with a couple of weeks without being able to do anything. I hope that I'll have these 2 consoles ready and painted by the end of this month, and that the electric wiring and programming will be done by 15th of April. Then I'll move on. Here is pic made in Sketchup with some consoles put together.
  7. I am from Portugal, If you live nearby you can always try out the beast when she's ready :D
  8. @Gotwake Thanks for the suggestion. Since I am using on of these boards, I don't had to worry about resistors, but I may pick out your option. @BaD CrC Thanks, your contributions in this forum, and regarding your pit were/are awesome. @Mr_Burns Thanks for the support man.
  9. Greetings! This will be my very first post in this great forum, and I am going to show to anyone who is interested the progress of my home pit. I have owned DCS: KA-50 Blackshark since its release and I am a proud owner of the boxed version of BS1. I never got around to fly it in MP, and I had it stored for quite a while now. since I shared my time with another sim (Falcon). My pit started as an idea a couple of years, and the idea matured until last year, when I started my work on the left console. Unfortunately it was not as I wanted and it was back to the drawing board for me. For the last couple of months I have been designing my own BS panels and put them to production. I have completed the front console, with panels, switches, and LED's fully working thanks to this great community. I really admire this bird, but honestly I find the panels to be ugly and unpractical, so I "westernized" them, which made them a bit more familiar and, why not, appealing. So this wont be a high fidelity pit in no way. Just to make sure that there will no backlash, I do not consider myself to be superior to the engineers who designed the original panels. But it will be my pit and I call the shots :D So, Lets get down to the interesting stuff. The structure: Painted and with the Cougar in place: My panels: All of the above: Testing: I´ll have to change my green LED's since they are bright AF, but this is about 95% complete. And that's my short progress until now. I have (re)started to build the left console, but so far it is putting up quite a fight. I am also building the right wall panel in between. See you soon.
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