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  1. Thank you. I noticed this as well yesterday and forgot about it already! Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  2. Glad it's being addressed. So far it's been a fantastic release IMO. You can tell it's definitely a cockpit issue because even the handheld flashlight needs new batteries...
  3. I can report same issue, only have tried in Syria map. Some more details (In 2D btw): Syria Map MP Only occurred with the 60nm radar setting Anything lower and the FPS drop was gone I'll try and do more testing today especially on different maps. And then I'll try and attach a track if no one else beats me to it.
  4. If I remember correctly the first mission in the Operation Reforger campaign has you do several Case I traps. There are other aircraft going in and out of the pattern, as well as statics on deck. You should also be able to open the mission in the editor and make changes if you want, like add client slots, etc.
  5. Yes, I've run into the same issue when trying to drop two bombs onto one target (or two targets next to each other) on the same attack run. Even if I drop the first bomb at T-3 seconds, and the next bomb 3 seconds later, the first one guides and hits, the second just flies on as if the laser was never firing - which it obviously was as the first bomb guided and hit.
  6. Personally I'm all for the grey ones. AFAIK the only ones made so far are early 70s version, and another 80s color version. You catch a snippet of one in the OG Top Gun intro as it's launching.
  7. Any update to this problem? This still persists as of the latest OB.
  8. Am I in the minority that I actually prefer to fly the A over the B?
  9. I think you're on to something here. All my tests yesterday were with WT off in the mission editor. I just did some more CASE Is with WT on and the downdraft caught me totally off guard the first time. It's not so bad when you prepare for it, but it's definitely stronger than previous patch.
  10. After several traps I can say that to me it doesn't feel as being 'doubled'. If anything it feels much milder than before. I agree, for us it's impossible to actually quantify it. I would image Devs have access to tools that they can see exactly what's happening with the effect(s) in real time.
  11. Good question. Currently away from home so I can't test now, but I am curious if the new 'burble' implementation was just ED basically doing the same thing as HB with the 14. Adding the effect to the aircraft itself, rather than to a specific carrier. Since the 14 is affected by the burble on all carriers, not just SC.
  12. FYI, this has been a bug for quite a long time in the 14. I haven't tested it every single patch release, as I found out early on that having Jester input multiple F10 waypoints in quick succession would lead to some waypoints being incorrect and nowhere near where it's supposed to be.
  13. Didn't take pictures, but I tested it out last night and it does work. Unfortunately it's not as 'clear' as say a Jeff or Apache given what we're working with. It didn't look much different from 26,000 ft (which I wouldn't expect it to). But down in the low teens you can clearly see the difference. This is a good representation of what it looked like for me. The 'default' looks OK, I'm sure with a human RIO able to further tune it in the back it would look better than the default. https://imgur.com/a/fM2u6dT
  14. SC took a major backseat to the rest of other ED stuff. Frankly, if the long promised new SC features don't bring along with it a massive list of bug fixes, I'll just keep using the Forrestal instead. We might need to send the guys some Ritalin to help with the Early Access ADD
  15. Left panel, RIO volume button is #1 https://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html#ics-control-panel
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