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  1. Right on @AG-51_Razor, The main problem with the Corsair was that it wasn't really good for carrier ops. It becomes unstable at landing speeds and the gear would often break because the plane wanted to fall out of the sky. Most pilots ended up at too fast a speed and the gear couldn't handle the stresses. The long nose made carrier approaches difficult. You couldn't see well enough to line up with the boat. You had to approach from the side and then turn into the boat at the last second. The Navy actually tried beefing up the gear, but then they decided to give it to The Marines for land-based operations. If you remember the "Black Sheep Squadron" TV show, they didn't do carrier ops. They were based on land and used by the Marines.
  2. Wanna share how you did it? Where is the file located? How did you change it?
  3. @Hawkeye60 I like it. Nibbylot's flyable version is nice also, however, since v0.4 the AI and wingmen do not follow waypoints, or tasks, nor do they shoot, nor do they fly any faster than 42 knots. It's nice to have some AI that actually do something; now if we could just make these flyable, that would be cool. You say that the two mods could be combined. How would I go about doing that?
  4. Nobody said that it is an underground base. Only hidden. Maybe in a forested area overgrown by trees. I'm still searching around Tbilisi. TBA
  5. The proper iteration of Marianas WWll would be for it to be already occupied by the Japanese. Then of course we would need the appropriate Japanese assets to go with it. You are correct. My point was that the capture of the Marianas was a key strategic location, putting our bomber fleet in striking range of the Japanese mainland. Many sorties were flown from Tinian before the big bombs, dealing massive damage in Tokyo, Kobe and more. I am proud of my father who served beginning in 1944 at the battles on Saipan and Tinian then on to Iwo Jima. This was his ship. USS McNair - Wikipedia
  6. Also, the F6F Hellcat would be awesome as well. It killed more Zeros than any other plane.
  7. @rkk01 @AG-51_Razor The US capture of The Marianas, especially Tinian, led directly to the end of the war. The Enola Gay took off from Tinian to bomb Hiroshima.
  8. I knew that, but don't they have to at least pay Mag 3 for it? For all we know the mod may be finished, but ED may not have the budget for it yet.
  9. I've heard that it's somewhere near Tiblisi.
  10. @truebrit Just my 2 cents............. ED has been working hard on improving WWll assets eg: the DM & FM improvements just last year, new WWll assets, the recent introduction of the Mosquito and just last month they announced the WWll version of Marianas will be coming soon. I find it disconcerting to fly a WWll mission over Guam, Tinian or Saipan without running into a golf course, a real immersion killer. They are also working on more WWll ships, planes and ground assets for US and IJN forces. They have also promised us an F4U for years. I agree that at this time, we have enough desert maps with Syria, PG and NTTR. I live in Phoenix Arizona and I see enough desert every day. So far, we only have one tropical map and there is a large community support for Vietnam, Laos, The Philippines and South Pacific. While I respect your desire for re-creating actual combat scenarios, I also agree with others that most DCS users don't care about that. They just want to fly and use their imaginations to create their own battles. That's what the mission editor is for. If ED chooses to add an Iraq map in the future, that will be fine, as long as they complete the WWll stuff and tropical locations that they have been promising us for years.
  11. You do understand that 6Km = 3.72 miles and 8Km = 4.97 miles, almost 4 to 5 miles. If you can spot a small fighter plane at those distances, then hats off to you. I'll bet most of us can't.
  12. https://imgur.com/SRsfa58https://imgur.com/SRsfa58
  13. The AI can't "see" you, they don't have eyes. They just know that you're there. It's like they're telepathic or psychic. As mentioned above they "sense" you at about 6 km which is f****** ridiculous. No human can see or aim at that distance.
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