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  1. Wow, you have done an outstanding job :thumbup:
  2. Hi Vic, if you like flying helicopters have a look at our recruitment page below. We welcome members of all skill levels from all over the globe. Have an outstanding day mate. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=267081
  3. Hi DevPreach, you’ll probably get better response and advice dropping your question on the Viacom thread over here.... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=198297&highlight=Viacom Have a great day mate. :pilotfly:
  4. Hi HoYa, that was a perfect response from =4c=Nikola that will do the trick nicely for you. However, may I suggest you wait 24 hours as we are all expecting a DCS update patch sometime today that we are "hoping" will sort out some of the VR issues a lot of users are currently experiencing at the moment... Fingers crossed... Have an outstanding day. :pilotfly:
  5. Hi ya, go and have a quick look over here mate. Ava Good’n https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=266657 :pilotfly:
  6. Just some food for thought... if you’ve just bought the helicopter bundle and you prefer to say in 2.5.5 stable until ED sort out all the current issues with 2.5.6. I can assure you there’s lots of learning and fun to be had in the other 3 helicopters you got in the bundle to keep you busy and entertained for a long time while you’re waiting for ED to update the KA50 license key system. :pilotfly:
  7. Yes indeed sir, excellent. GCI is something I’m personally interested in (hobby wise), along with many others I’d imagine and there is limited information available in relation to GCI & DCS, so thank you for helping to bridge that information gap. Much appreciated... :pilotfly:
  8. Hi Ebenitez, I was a little stumped as well... Just continue to the purchase screen and buy as normal and it all worked fine with no issues. Have an outstanding day mate.. :pilotfly:
  9. There are many many bugs that affect VR at the moment in the current 2.5.6 release but don’t despair just yet as I think we will be seeing some update fixes later this week all going well. Probably not worth chasing possible changes to your settings or system until DCS sort out their end. Just hang in there mate... :thumbup:
  10. Thank you very much Upuaut, greatly appreciated. :thumbup:
  11. Hi, you might have a bit more luck dropping your question on the Viacom thread. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=198297&highlight=Viacom Have a great day.. :pilotfly:
  12. That sounds weird.... but I’ll definitely be giving it a try tomorrow to see what happens. Thanks for sharing... :thumbup:
  13. Thank you Viff, I do have the inbound rule set. But appreciate your thoughts mate.
  14. Hi, just an update from the question above. I still haven’t found a method of setting the default webgui port to anything other than the default 8088, so if any knows a method I’d appreciate your input. Ava Good’n Y’all...
  15. Hi All, can anyone tell me how to change the default webgui port from 8088 to 80xx on the new 2.5.6 open beta dedicated server..? By default I no longer see an autoexec.cfg file and adding one appears to make no difference. I’ve had to do a complete removal and reinstall after the first 2.5.6 update. FYI the original 2.5.5 was working correctly for a long time on 8087 so it can’t be a router port issue. Many thanks Additional... even on the default 8088 the local webgui can see the server but the remote webgui (using google not windows browser) can not connect.
  16. Hi FireManDan, There are plenty of groups to fly with so finding a group isn’t a problem but finding the right one that suits your individual needs and personality might take a little bit of filtering on your behalf. Generally I find that the guys who run the different squadrons are super helpful, so don’t hesitate to contact any of them if you’re interested in possibly joining them. I would suggest starting with squadrons in your timezone to make it easier to line up a flight time (unless you’re a shift worker). Carrier based squadrons probably won’t really suit the A10 but don’t discount other squadron that don’t appear to be specific A10 as most groups included the A10 in their missions as it’s a very popular module. Here’s a good place to start. https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=665 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34062 If you’re looking for a public server to just randomly join when you have free time here’s a couple of options that I’ve found very friendly. https://thefraternitysim.com/ http://oceaniccombatgroup.com.au/ Also, have a look at getting on to Discord as most groups use this app for there social communications. I’m part of an international helicopter squadron known as the 229th ( http://1stcavdiv.forumotion.net/ ) but as the A10c is not particularly good at hovering, it’s probably not the squadron for you but do keep us in mind if you ever get the helicopter bug... To Fly Is Human … To Hover, Divine Best of luck sir, have an outstanding day...
  17. Thanks for your help Bignewy with all the suggestions, particularly for looking at the log files as that was above my pay grade. I'll contact support if I don't have any luck with the computer shop guys. Thanks again.
  18. Hi, yes happens on all missions, multiplayer and single player even small simple test missions flying different aircraft, etc makes no difference. I swapped the original SSD for a faster DCS only dedicated M.2 SSD several months ago to see if that fixes it but unfortunately not. Also set a large page file as I have plenty of spare drive space. Recently added more cooling even though the cpu / gpu monitoring shows they aren’t getting hot but that also made no difference. I’ll keep looking... Thanks mate.
  19. Still Freezing PC in game. Hi, adding the Autoexec.cfg which made the transitions between flight image and F10 map image noticeably laggy for a second or so just as the image switches to the map and back again. Additionally noticed some new small random spots of short micro freezes in game. Also had a crash in 2D while using the mission editor with this file installed which is unusual. Log file attached. I removed that autoexec file and fixed those little new issues immediately. I have a few hardware things to look at that the PC and peripherals supplier has asked me to do. I'll get back to you in the next day or two on what if anything comes to light or if you think of anything else please shout out... Thanks again mate. dcs.txt
  20. Hi Bignewy, in the past if I’m just doing mission planing and testing missions with mouse and keyboard it doesn’t crash. I’ve tried disconnecting one USB device at a time to see if one of them was the issue and also different HOTAS (X56 & Warthog). Plus many other hardware trials. Additionally, if I fly in 2D it rarely crashes but in VR crashing is unfortunately regular. Obviously tried reinstalling steam VR several times (Vive Pro). It must be something hardware but funny it only affects DCS, no issues with other steam VRGames. I was hoping that the crash files / logs would point to something as a clue. Thank you for inspecting my logs as I had no understanding of the data within. I’ll keep looking but as previously noted, I’m very thankful for your insight into what the crash logs said. At least I can cross that off my list. Thanks mate.
  21. Still Freezing PC in game. Thank You Bignewy, File attached. dxdiag.txt
  22. Hi, was there any answer on this issue as I’m still having it...? Many thanks.
  23. Still Freezing PC in game. Hi, Yes Win & Nvidia are up to date. The only copy of the dxdiag.txt file I could find is from July 2018 and it was in my Windows.old folder. There are other dxdiag.exe but I assume you're not after them but let me know if my assumption is incorrect and I'll gladly send them to you. No others came up in the search. I've attached this old .txt file it anyway. Many Thanks. dxdiag.txt
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