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  1. Thanks Floyd! And to add, SHORT-DN tells George to cease fire. DmitriKozlowsky, I hope this helps, once you get it, its really easy.
  2. NOTICE* After you destroy your first target, press long back on the George AI Helper (S key on K/B) and George will automatically re-search the same area, instead of having to point your head and ask to search. He didn't know this when he made this easy tutorial. 5:22 of the video.
  3. I don't think it is in campaign format. Place them in your AH-64D>Missions folder. They will be single missions however.
  4. ...or have the option to tell George only target enemy units.
  5. Looks like a rip of the Original TopGun, but with Apaches.
  6. Or go to TSD page, select RTE button on the bottom of the MFD, then select DIR button on the left, then select WP1 on the right. That will draw a line from your current position to WP1. You can choose any waypoint you'd like as well using this method.
  7. Check this out. It'll show you at the 10:17 mark. I'd suggest watching the whole thing, as I learned more that is not covered in the training mission.
  8. Who took the jam out your donut? I hope you didn't kick your dog on the way back to the living room...
  9. No, but I do like to take a few bingers, and drink a few beers on the way to a target area, while admiring the helicopter in 3rd person view, and fly bys.
  10. I don't agree with the war. So save it. But here is a nice clip of a Mi-24.
  11. After admiring it in F2 for a few hours, I guess I'll learn to start the thing.
  12. Just know, it may take you a few weeks, or even months to fly a successful sortie when you are brand new to DCS. For me anyway. But the time spent is well worth it once you have it learned. Edit* Keybinding is half the battle.
  13. I suppose he could. Didn't think of him. Have an option to command the start sequence from the gunner seat via the command menu.
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