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  1. Oh, ****ing yeaaaah!! :thumbup:
  2. I own this one. You can map all buttons and rotaries to work with any game you want. Mapping software included: http://w.vrinsightshop.com/shop/step1.php?number=3
  3. Hi, Take a look on this indie project: https://www.flipswitchgames.net/emergenyc/ I discovered it last week and decided to support them via steam technical demo: http://store.steampowered.com/app/461430 Just let me publish it here too to help them a little bit more :smilewink: Cheers
  4. I run all settings maxed at 1920x1080 (single 144Hz screen). Only thing I had to turn off was motion blur as it dropped my fps to 40. Tested with latest beta drivers and DCS 1.5 OB recently. So far so good except that MP crashes after 5-10 minutes but this seems to be an issue to other players as well as far as I have read. Average 70fps stable with Vsync on. Just left default crossfire profile active and frame pacing on. DCS prior to beta was unplayable for me (20 fps). DX11 usage was a lifesaver to me.
  5. Please add a more robust MP server filtering. As a minimum to have the possibility to sort servers by ping, players, password protection, mission or server name. It's a must nowadays at any MP interface. And if possible be able to search by server specific parameters (e.g: server name)
  6. Same issue here. SP works fine for hours but MP crash after few minutes, whatever the server
  7. As far as 1.5 supports directx 11 crossfire works. I own a 295x2 and it's perfect now with 1.5 and getting a massive performance and smoothness improvement. Remember to run DCS in fullscreen.
  8. Look for any keyboard mapping free software. They can map keystrokes for such situations you need. Search for Antimicro on google for instance. That one I use for a custom panel and supports many features.. There are more programs available. Some are simpler and other have more features. SV Mapper is one of the easiest to use allowing On/Off programming but is old and not sure if still available. Read the documentation to know how to use them
  9. MultiGPU, dx11 and EDGE. I became a believer again. Please make sure it works with AMD cards this time. Really looking forward to have it. Cheers
  10. Hi, I have updated my original post to include your updating as well there ;-) Thanks for the job and sorry for being out so long. I hope to come back with DCS 2. I got tired of the old engine... hahaha Cheers
  11. Hi guys. Sorry for late answer. I´m out for a while and currently I do not plan to support CTTS in short time. I even did not check the new patch myself. I´m sorry about bad news. The script was created as a proof of concept till the huey or DCS engine implemented the troop transportation itself or an alternative to this simple script. Best solution is to leave the code open for other scripters to use it provided that Deck (remember he had the former idea) has no problems about that. At least on my part of the work you don´t need to ask for permission to modify and publish an updated one. Please make it public for everybody so that we all can enjoy it. Cheers ;)
  12. Nice. I´m in holidays now but when back I will take a review on the code to avoid the "GroupName" convention and all other things. I will use a dedicated script name to avoid problems with other scripts as suggested. The problem about loading a item and unloading another one is one of the reasons why I decided to stick to one cargo type. As I said in the PM you can always change the variables logisticItemModel in the script for different missions, depending if you will load fuel, ammo or whatever. You stick to one task per mission, but it´s consistent at least.
  13. Will check your mission airwar. Anyway dont panic if you need to change anything on the code. Feel free to do it and experiment. Nice outputs could come from users modifications guys
  14. Ground commander can control de troops at any time.Thats why i always put such role on my missions. I prefer to avoid too much automated tasks to force players to play as a team
  15. Thanks for the comments guys. This info is great for debug. I will review it after summer holidays and check any potential improvement then.
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