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  1. Hi Bignewy, Thanks for the answer. In my case it is not related with the position of my headset (I adjust it to have the sweet spot just straight of my eyes, as usual. And it rests comfortably in my cheeks and nose) In all the other modules I have purchased and played along this years, the cockpit elements and HUD simbology are right in front of me in the headset usual position. This includes the Blackshark reticle, the UH-1 copilot and pilots sights, etc. (even the "HIADDS" of the UH-60 mod, that is quite similar to the one of the AH-64, is shown correctly just in front of me, without any aditional adjustment) It seems that this behaviour is related to the headsets. For some of us happens, for others don't. That's the reason we are asking for a way to adjust vertically his HIADDs (like the blackshark reticle). This way everyone could adjust the position for their headset as desired.
  2. Good luck with this. I opened a thread a couple of months ago regarding this same topic (splitting from another thread on a similar topic) and ... still waiting For me this a must and urgent matter, because this issue is related to save people's visual health (I really appreciate my eyes). But it seems that health is less important than having the proper rotor RPM when its monday, raining and the sun is in the house of Aries... because "ey, IRL the RPM then are 10% more than in DCS"
  3. Yes, if it is possible, we are asking for a slider to offset the monocle/simbology. That way everyone can adjust it as fits best for him.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the answers guys. In my case this option "current OpenXR runtime" is set to "WMR" (I din't knew that it exists, but it was this way from the start) The weird thing is that: When I install the mod and launch DCS from Steam options a) or b), SVR does not starts (that's good, I think). But a new window is opened in my monitor (like the 2D steam mirror window) that remains black, and no DCS video is shown in my headset (it continue showing the WMR "standby" screen)
  5. Hi, sorry if someone have mention it by now but 54 pages is more than I can handle to search for something: Does someone make it work with DCS steam version?. I have followed the guide and, though steam VR is not launched, Steam is opened as soon as I launch DCS from the .exe. Once steam is launched it promt me the usual 3 options: a) launch DCS only (no VR) 1. with DCS VR settings tab "use VR HMD" option checked --> open a black window that does not load anything, just keep on waiting for something (probably steamVR ^_^) 2. without DCS VR settings tab "use VR HMD" option checked --> opens in 2D (as expected) b) use steam VR --> open a black window that does not load anything, just keep on waiting for something (probably steamVR ^_^) c) use occulus vr --> N/A Someone had more luck with DCS steam version? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm having a similar issue with the FLIR (or at least I think so). I have uninstalled any shader mod, I have made a clean installation and I have no content in metashaders and fxo folders. For me it seems that some vehicles are just the opposite of what is expected. As you can see, the explosion is ok (white in whitehot and black in blackhot), but the IA vehicles are just the opposite. In fact, the tires in blackhot seems to be cooler than the chasis O_O This don't happen with the "environment" vehicles. For the cars and buses that populate the roads, the colors are ok. regards
  7. You said in a error msg that you can set the AH-64 menu where you want it.  How do we do that. Mine is like everyone else.  It shows up high center. I want it down low to the left and to the right. I have an oculus quest 2.  The graphics are great in the AH-64.  A little frame stuttering but I know that will improve.

    1. daemon1808


      Hi CaptScotty,

      If you mean the George menu, I believe that ED will change something in the next update (hopefully)

      Meanwhile, here is how to change the place of the George menu by yourself. Just play with the values in this file to change the position


  8. What is weird to me is that the issue only happens with HIADSS symbology (maybe is because it is too "near" to the user). All other aircraft HUD's symbology is good, and nobody seems to complain about it been too high or too low. Lately I have found myself removing the monocle during the flight and using it only during combat, because it cause pain in my neck (because the continous tilt of the head) and headache (because the heading tape is blurry) Let's hope that, as bignewy has stated, this will be fixed in a future patch.
  9. Hi, I open this thread to separate the issue with the HIADSS simbology from George menu issue, as Bignewy has suggested. Check the original post here: In the OP some of us have problems with the possition of the IHADSS green symbology (heading tape, altitude tape, TADS square position, etc..) because it is placed to high. That forced me to look down all the time if I want to get the center of the symbology directly in front of my eyes. Aditionally, as the upper part is rendered outside of the sweet spot of my headset, the heading tape is blurry. I have drawn this bellow schema to explain the problem (screenshots and tracks will not help, as the VR "screen" is particular to everyone, and a 2D screenshot is quite diferent from what VR user see). It shows the comparision of how any other aircraft's HUD symbology is placed, with how the IHADSS symbology is placed. In my opinion a good solution, that will fit everyone, is to have a slider in the AH-64D special options menu to place the symbology up or down as desired (similar to the slider that places the KA-50 helmet aiming circle) Could you check it please? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, In my case I am using a Lenovo Exporer headset, not a Reverb G2. But a screenshot will be useless because what you seen in VR and what you seen in a 2D screen is quite diferent (even projecting the VR image in a window). But I can provide a simple schema on what is happening, comparing how I see the HUD of any other aircraft (including the KA-50), and How I see the HIADSS symbology. Let's say that in the schema the aircraft is on the ground, so the velocity vector is more or less centered. As you can see, the center of my view in any hud is more or less in the center of the symbology. But in the HIADSS, the center of my view is way lower. So, the heading tape is blurry and If I want to shoot the tank, I have to tilt my head down Hope this help.
  11. No,it doesn't work for me. HIADSS is too high and, if I fit down the headset, I see everything blurry (beside I use glasses and I can't fit it down a lot :P)
  12. For me it is exactly that. The IHADSS LOS is like 15-20º higher where my natural LOS is. So, in order to get the IHADSS symbology to 0º, I have to tilt down my head 15-20 degress. (neck pain, headache because most of the Symbology is out of the VR sweep spot, etc)
  13. sorry, but for me there are 3 problems 1/ Player as Pilot - George CPG AI Menu - is too high in VR (part of NVG on helmet covers the top of the AI menu)----- can be solved changing values in a lua file 2/ Player as CPG - George Pilot AI Menu in VR difficult to focus in VR (visible double circles of menu if we look on TADS, rendering is not correct) ---- can be partially solved changing values in the same lua file, placing george menu outsite of TADS location 3. HIADSS SYMBOLOGY too high. And with symbology I meant the green stuff on the monocle (heading tape, IAS, altitude tape, etc). ---- As it is rendered to high, I have to look to my feet, in order to the get the central aiming cross in front of my nose (and my vertebrae will pain every single flight). a slider in the special options menu to place the symbology as desired should do the trick (similar to the slider for the KA-50 aiming cross)
  14. no, of course... but you can take the george interface to another location where your eyes will not focus pass the compass. This way you will not need to tilt your head upward. it´s not ideal, but can work until a fix is done by ED.
  15. check this. You can place the George menus where you want to, just changing the values in the file.
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