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  1. Everything on mine works great until I specifically select that I want to configure F14 commands. That is when it stops acknowledging ALL USB controls. Since DCS stupidly maps multiple controls to flight axis by default this means I cannot fly F14 until this is fixed. Probably best to wait for this to get out of OpenBeta. It just never goes well.
  2. I just starting having this issue as of installing F14. Unplayable at the moment
  3. This is OT but I wanted to respond to your comment so you knew...atm Frontier has no plans to support 0.7. I've rolled back to 0.5 due to major graphics degradation in E : D with 0.6. So, for now anyway, if you play E : D you have to roll back to 0.6 or 0.5 depending on what works best. But 0.7 will cause E : D to throw an error and crash. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=188839 This was one reason for my post...I'm wondering if I can keep 0.5 and still take advantage of the advances for DK2 support in DCS, or if DCS requires 0.6 or 0.7. Basically just need to know if I need to swap drivers when I go from one game to another. That and the whole zoom thing.
  4. I found when I was using the TrackIR it was still very useful to control zoom on an axis, so that I could set where my eyepoint was being tracked from. So if I'm just en route, I'd have the entire panel in view which game me good situational awareness for navigation. If I needed to use the HUD I would zoom in a bit so the HUD became legible. If I need to evade I would zoom out all the way so I could scan for things like SAM launches. I've heard this response that "zoom isn't broken on the Rift, just move your head closer." Well even with a TrackIR that would mean leaning REALLY far forward unless I configure that TIR axis to be really strange. Being able to assign a zoom axis to a control remedied all of this, and quite effectively in my case. So I guess I don't see why it would be such a "frowned-upon" addition for Rift users. It seems like it would be really useful, especially while the VR hardware evolves, because zooming helps to overcome the legibility issues we VR users often encounter. As an aside, leaning all the way to where my headset is actually touching the tracking sensor and I still can't read the HUD.
  5. With the latest DCS updates, can you now read the gauges using DK2? The Hud? Is the zoom fixed? (Biggest issue with DK2 in DCS was the lack of zoom....head tracking works but you can't get close enough to read the HUD). Also, what DK2 runtime version is everyone using with DCS? is it safe to continue using the .5 beta drivers on DK2 with DCS? Or did everyone have to upgrade to .6 or .7? Elite:Dangerous doesn't work with .7 and they say they don't plan to fix it! Trying to find a version that's lowest common denominator for all my games is getting to be a challenge.
  6. When stuff like this happens I roll back to the last previous version that worked, get it running, then try patching again. That usually solves it. You may have to ping ED for temp FTP access to the archive if you've deleted your older files.
  7. Ok. Sorry for speaking up. Won't happen again. Enjoy the server.
  8. My server still connects however the biggest issue I am seeing with the latest rev is crashes.
  9. Master Server seems fine now. My Eagle Squadron training server is up.
  10. Try our server "Eagle Squadron" Most often I have Dragon's daytime training scenario loaded and folks tend to be well behaved. If you find otherwise let me know the names of the offending players and I'll ban them for you. :)
  11. Hi folks I have been experiencing this issue since a few patches ago at least. Searching didn't reveal anything useful. When I do a ramp start, and following all procedures to the letter using the manual, the radio menu is empty. I see the tags "Interphone" "VHF" etc. But there are no items to select. The situation changes once I am airborne. Then the menu items appear and work properly. I have tried flipping the "easy communication" option on and off with no effect on this issue. Sorry if this has been discussed already. But I couldn't find this issue specifically. Thanks
  12. All solved thanks to you folks. Turns out because the Warthog was so new to him that he didn't understand what I meant by lift the throttles past the idle detent into cutoff. He THOUGHT he had it done but realized later that he really had to lift up on them. This got me at first too. I still don't get why they don't move at all in-game until this is done. Mine does not behave this way. They always move for me. But I guess everyone's setup is a little different. Thanks again for everyone's help. He was out dropping bombs in no time.
  13. We will try all these suggestions this evening. Thanks folks The bizarre part of it all is that my setup does not exhibit this behavior. Ramp start, air start, doesn't matter on mine. Cold and dark, my throttles have and still do always work fine from the get go. I wonder what the difference is between setups that makes this an issue for some and not others?
  14. Why the use of quotes, as if to suggest I am lying? Seems antagonistic. No need for all that. I posted on his behalf as a favor because I am more familiar with this sim and the terminology used therein so it's easier for me to post a query. Sorry if doing so has rubbed you the wrong way for some reason. To others, very useful suggestions so far and they are appreciated. My buddy is following the thread and we're going to troubleshoot more tonight. Thanks for the help!
  15. I think you are correct. Will recheck my procedure this evening. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the quick reply! Yes he said both throttles were in the cutoff detent. The levers ingame do not move at all unless he uses the startup cheat and waits for the engines to spool up. After that the ingame throttles do move with the HOTAS movement.
  17. In my experience I cannot switch EGI/HARS or get EAC to arm properly until the plane has moved a few feet after INS warmup is completed.
  18. Hi folks Posting this for a buddy of mine. He is having issues with his new Warthog HOTAS I've surfed on this a bit here and on simhq and am not finding a solution to his problem, though the issue is documented no one seems to provide a solution, just a workaround. On cold and dark start his throttles will not respond. To make them work he has to use the cheat startup and wait for the engines to spin up. Once the engines spin up then he says his throttles work properly. I have read about workarounds to assign a keyboard control to fix this but we want to know if there is a solution that gets his throttle working as intended, which would mean that even on a cold/dark start that he should see throttle axis response in-game without using the startup cheat to get the engines to spin up. We have tried: -deleting and resetting the throttle lua file (he does not have an old version installed) -removing all other peripherals/extra controllers (he was using his clubsport pedals for rudder but they seemed to grabbing the same axis designation) -unchecking/checking the sync hotas controls checkbox -TARGET is NOT installed -HOTAS firmware is up to date -DCS is patched with the latest version using the auto updater -verifying no conflicting axis assignments in the joysticks settings for DCS A10C -rebooting -moving the throttle and stick to a different USB hub/port He says his flight stick works fine. All switches and buttons respond in-game. Windows reports all controls as present and working. And he can even clear and then reassign the axis in DCS settings. But nothing makes his throttle work unless he uses cheat mode to spin up the engines first. I think I covered everything. We tried so many things I may have skipped something. Any ideas on what else we can try so I can get my buddy in the air with a properly working setup? Thanks a bunch!
  19. AH that may be it. on mine it still looks like a pulldown arrow. now that i know that i'm leaving it in what must be "checked" mode because my server now shows on the master list. thanks!
  20. Hi folks Weird issue after the latest patch... When I click to "Start Server" I get the server settings window. Normally there is a pulldown allowing me to choose "Internet" or "LAN". Now that table cell only shows a pulldown arrow, but no menu. When I click on the arrow icon the icon changes to show an "expanded" icon instead of a "closed" icon but no menu is revealed. I thought maybe the menu was rendering oddly and tried clicking around the screen. thinking I might "find" the menu option rendering in the background somewhere, but no dice. What could be causing this? What is the fix?
  21. Problem solved http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1827777#post1827777
  22. Problem solved... and I can't believe this... I discovered whilst trying to post my log file that my cpu's clock was off. Mobo battery on the server must have gone out (it's an old board, since server doesn't need much I just used spares). And this was enough for the Master Server to say.... ACCESS DENIED hahaha thanks!
  23. What changed? Port? My router is still set as before to port forward for DCS using the default ports.
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