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  1. side note wondering if I drifted to far from marshall orbiting
  2. So made to waypoint marshall on time, talked to overlord says to contact razor 3-1, go to channel 6 hit space bar and nothing. is there somewhere I can get the freqs from?
  3. would recommend getting used to cold starts because it's gets you used to where everything is located in the cockpit and it's functions which in turn I found helped me out. as I am a relative noob as well.
  4. Is it considered bad form to change loadouts in a campaign. Just curious, defiantly now I can make certain missions easier if I care a gps bomb over laser
  5. thanks man, thats a place we actually have on the island.
  6. thanks guys, didnt realize that about wd40, just getting grease or lubricant is not really easy, takes about a month, I am not somewhere amazon friendly. can probaly get motor grease
  7. My thrustmaster throttle sticks, aparently I should loosen a screw inside and apply some grease. Heres the real question, anyreason I cant use wd40 or can you only apply a specific grease.
  8. pmaura


    I am lazy and just like flying and shooting . Was just curious how autonmous jester was
  9. pmaura


    So amatuer dcs pilot here can I rely on jester to basicaly take care of all my radar needs or does he still require a lot of coaching?
  10. for some reason track ir is not working when I am the main pilot, its fine for the rio when I switch. never had this issue before. do I have to set something up
  11. thanks didnt see that as an option, not sure why my pov switch wouldnt work as it feels like a mini joystick already
  12. fairly noobish with all the correct terminology, but it seems to feel like something that work like an axis setting. Not sure how to set it up like that though.
  13. I am trying to set one of the hats on my Gunfighter 3 Spacecombat stick to work as the rudder on the apache but dcs refuses to allow the left hat to do it. Any suggestions?
  14. It might not be realistic but someone looking for a tutorial who just spend the money on the a-10 mod then needing to dbl that for the nevada map seems just steep to me. Nevada map also just doenst interest me. all the others do. Just personal prefference.
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