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  1. please, can someone explain to me the old RWR logic and this new RWR activate with Special Features? i mean i know to use RWR but i dont know what happens with Special Features On. Thx!
  2. Hi, cant hear the sound when I closing canopy, neither when I press the lever to secure it, and the other lever that sound "pssssssssss". I check the audio volume options, but only happens with this three sounds, some file missing maybe or someone have this problem this days, because it worked very well
  3. Playing a lot, lot, lot with WWII birds helped me improve my spotting, It also allowed me (test) to configure my graphics, FOV, until I felt very comfortable spotting. So when i jump again to Cold War Server with Mig21, men now i could enjoy it. Before that I was like you having a really bad time with the Bis. So, all i wanted to say is that putting you in situations where you have threats all the time and so concentrate helps sharpen eyesight (in this section I appreciate the wwii servers, many critical situations happen around you), It is not the same as looking for threats on a larger map where everything is more dispersed. Also flying with some friends helps a lot the fact that in real time they can help to visualize, but even more it serves to compare and know that for example everyone is seeing something at some point in the sky and you are not, so you start correcting graphics settings and FOV. In term of graphic setting, first find a nice FOV (Field of View) setting the zoom, then make sure to play with your native resolution, disable the filters as far as you can so that they do not soften the contacts, they make them very blurred and always in any mission adjust gamma, adjusting the gamma will help you to better contrast the contacts, use it always.
  4. I've always thought that DCS has few graphic config parameters. What you should do is start from a medium settings, make sure never activate the SSAA, also leave off Depth of Field and Lens Effect. So in game hold Right Ctrl + Pause, this will allow you to monitor your FPS, and depending on your fps go setting values up or down. There are critical parameters that require more processing than others: shadows, MSAA, textures, trees visibilty for example are demanding. So go modifying little by little and then in game check your fps, Anyway there are guides there explaining each of the parameters and their level of demand, remember hardware are different do not find a formula, know the few parameters and use RCtrl+Pause in flight. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/172165-25-settings-comparisons-and-gpu-impact/
  5. Windows 7 is from 2009..........cmon
  6. Factory fresh spit is a beauty for a ride, but I prefer when they have worn paint and repaired details, product of having participated in several combats, appreciate when skin makers take into account those little details
  7. Happy New Year!. So, i dont fly anton, but i fight a lot against those, and i think they need a big DM tweak, its so hard to beat, several times me and my squadron buddies (we fly spits on SoW Server) spent all the ammo just in one Anton, we take turns shooting him, then with a lot of visible damage they start to flutter like butterflies, and they manage to fly for a long time including climbing so well that some time they escape, or it gives time for some enemies to reach us and catch us already without ammunition. So lately if we see an anton we let him go and much more if it is an AI. I don't usually complain about these things but it happens very often already, I know of many who are only grabbing it for that "super mega" resistance, historically I know it was hard but this is not normal the number of shots they can receive Cheers!
  8. you must make the opponent enter your game, before that keep your energy high until he makes the mistake, be patience. Know spits regime limitations, learn to recognize by ear the engine sound details (high RPM, mid RPM, boost, etc) so you don't take your eyes off the contact in a dogfight, don't worry about the difficult refraction shots for now, worry about getting as close as you can without burning the engine in the attempt
  9. Airflow, can't last long without air flow, engine overheat. You can dive fast to cool that engine too, but avoid stress it in very slow climbs and if you stall reduce power and try to recover facing down
  10. Go to mission editor and create a landing final aproach mission (airstart with the track in front), repeat, repeat and repeat until you master it, above all, that you get used to the touch speed, them you can go and adjust the mission to do the full circuit, also windy landing too
  11. very nice path, "Jack of all trades, master of none", those late warbird must be consolidated
  12. wow great analysis right there :notworthy:
  13. :gun_sniper:talk to the server admin, make sure you have some proof of what you are going to say. Check if the server has a Discord group, from there you can contact the administrator
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