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  1. 2021-01-05 08:53:26.802 DEBUG Scripting: plugin: APPLIED 'PersianGulf' 2021-01-05 08:53:26.803 ERROR EDCORE: Drivers errors while mounting mods/terrains/persiangulf/sounds: 2021-01-05 08:53:26.803 ERROR EDCORE: EDCDriver: can't open header file mods/terrains/persiangulf/sounds.edc//header.edch 2021-01-05 08:53:26.804 WARNING DCS: Not Authorized, auto-skipped: ./Mods/terrains/Syria 2021-01-05 08:53:26.804 INFO Scripting: plugin: SKIPPED 'Syria': not authorized 2021-01-05 08:53:26.805 DEBUG Scripting: plugin: APPLIED 'TheChannel' From the log it looks like it just fails to get authorization to load the Syria map as a plugin (right at server start, line 425). Haven't been able to reproduce the issue on my own server running the dedicated installation. Maybe delete the old login/authorisation files to make the server login to your username again?
  2. The 4 bridges in the northern section of BB91 have floating support columns. Ground units can drive over the bridges without problems, but the road surface can be passed through by aircraft (tested with Huey). The columns can be collided with though
  3. I've also tried forcing the cpu affinity with cmd and it does not work for DCS.exe for some reason. Works on other executables on the same machine though. For example this works: start "" /affinity 0x3 /high "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.306\Discord.exe" --testBut this doesn't: start "" /affinity 0x3 /high "C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Server\bin\DCS.exe" --server --norender -w DCSZA_1
  4. Same issue on my server. Two instances running and the connection timeout happens on both instances at exactly the same time. Does not happen very often but is annoying to players
  5. If you use continuous /repetitive tiggers, you are doing the action constantly. I've found that it messes with the AI when you repeatedly give the same command. It might be causing issues with the SAM to activate because it takes a few seconds to deploy. Hitting the same command to turn on could restart the deployment Using switched conditions you turn the process into a State Machine. The process only makes a change like turning on/off the SAM when the condition is met. Also having specific conditions trigger a flag and then using flags to activate the Units to do something allows you a lot of flexibility. Lets say you want the SAM active when there is a Blue player in Zone A, but there must also not be a HARM in Zone B, or when a TALD is in Zone A, but always be on when a nearby EWR is killed. Then you have a trigger for each thing that should turn the SAM on, plus an opposite trigger to turn it off. Then combine all the flag states at the end like my example
  6. I have done the part of activating the SAM site if a unit is inside a zone, turning it off when it is outside. When you say Repetitive action, do you mean Continuous Trigger? Here is how I remember doing it, altered to what you need because my triggers were looking for a TALD to activate the SAMs instead of turning them off To add a check for a HARM in the Zone, you modify it like this: Then you add the condition of Flag 2 back into the first Triggers with an AND/OR added where required I will doublecheck my mission to confirm but I think this would work
  7. Okay so I haven't tested this out yet, but as I understand the code you quoted, its only looking at the Base Captured flag, and if its the right value, will block any clients from joining any slot in the mission. If I want to block a specific slot based on the Base Captured, I need to also grab the slotID and check if it should be blocked? Then I could set the SSB flag value at the same point that the client gets kicked?
  8. If you're feeling really masochistic, you could approximate a polygon using multiple circle zones and OR statements in the Conditions
  9. https://github.com/rkusa/DATIS You do it with this. MOOSE also has a ATIS function, but I don't have experience with it
  10. Got it working. Turns out, before I took over management of the server, SLmod was installed at some point and the slmodGameGUI.lua file plus net scripts were placed in the DCS installation directory, instead of \Saved Games. Weirdly enough, there is no trace of those slmod files even being loaded in old logs. So it only gets started when I installed the script in the User/Saved Games directory. Thanks for the help
  11. I've now tried with both the Master branch and Develop branch and both do the same. Both create the SLmodStats.lua file, and they create a new one every time I run the instance. The same logpasta gets spammed every update tick This is a snippet of what the SLmodStats file has in it at the moment https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tohepvfb62d8c1e/AABTnSsDMMwOSjiPKDKRvxMqa?dl=0 Here are four copies of the stats file from yesterday and this morning. The most recent one looks like its built correctly, but the log file still spams that it can't be accessed because its open in another application, but I hadn't even opened it, nothing is looking at the file as far as I can tell. Right now the current slmodstats file looks the same whether I use Master or Develop
  12. So I'm trying to get SLMod installed on our dedicated server, but its running into problems Init part: And once the mission is loaded, this bit below gets spammed every few seconds. Any idea what I did wrong? The path that has the double \\ looks suspect, but I haven't touched anything after downloading from Github
  13. I have done the exact scenario you describe in the Mission Editor. I expanded a bit on it though. I have the task run in two phases. First phase you need to be within 750 feet of the target for a minute for it to start diverting. The second phase you need to stay within 5000ft to keep it from changing course and running away. The Intercept Target is also escorted by fighters and I have them go Weapons Free on random chance once the divert is started. Unfortunately I did this all using ME triggers, and the whole process takes 4 flags, and 8 triggers to pull off. I also made it work in multiplayer with any one of multiple client slots
  14. You can expand on what feefifofum said by adding a flag. Switch condition checking if part of the coalition is in the zone, plus Flag is False, set the Flag true and display the message. Then have another Switched trigger with Flag is True and Time Since Flag (20 seconds), that turns the flag off again. The flag should flip on and off as long as someone of Blue is in the Zone, displaying the message every 20 seconds
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