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  1. Just put the ships down in the editor, use the ruler tool to measure out their length, and you'll have your answers in feet.. cross reference the date in wiki, or whatever you use, and you'll see if the scaling is spot on, too small/too large
  2. weird as hell
  3. What's the changes ?
  4. I don't have the latest update, but I'm pretty sure Harpoons were used as exocets don't exist in the game Leander_class_exocet.lua
  5. Has to be a conflict with the new pack, as there's no physical missile model like that on any of the stock models. It doesn't show on mine ( I don't have the SA map either)
  6. This was one of the old ones.. And the reference to Thunk is back.. will uninstall the GPU driver and install an older version dcs.log.old dcs.log
  7. I'm having constant crashes also, with nothing different from yesterday (early hours this morning) it's crashing on entering the sim for me. Run a full repair, the long one.. Cannot attach a file on here either it seems .. I have a Max total size of 2.91kb to be able to upload, WTF is that all about?? LOL dcs.log-20220611-075723.zip
  8. Started this morning, constant crash, it was running fine yesterday, nothing obvious updated.. Can do everything within the editor, viewer etc, as soon as I hit the "Fly" button..........crash I cleared my attachments folder and forgot this was in that !! I ran a repair on my system, and it got rid of a lot of the backend errors that had nvwgf2umx.dll Thunk or something like that It's still crashing when I try to enter the sim, no warnings, no errors, just a straight crash dcs.log dcs.log
  9. Early access, and you want the prefect map? sell it to me as a used product then??
  10. Oban

    Tornado ADV

    and the thread locked, it's a pity as everyone wants to have Tornados, the default ones are okay, but need a serious makeover and have new roughmets, they're way too shiny!
  11. Oban

    Tornado ADV

    Pretty obvious these Tornadoes were never going to see the light of day due to their original source. I don't know why people would post others work as their own, and then spit the dummy out when they've been rumbled.
  12. Oban

    Tornado ADV

    And just like that, the project was doomed before it could get off the ground !! I'd expect this thread to be locked pretty soon.
  13. Oban

    Tornado ADV

    Indeed, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions
  14. It's maybe not the collision, it's the coordinates for the the points the helo's touch down..it's the same with the Leanders, statics are placed fine, but any chopper arriving, especially AI need to have the correct coordinates for the wheels to touch fool around with this part. GT.Landing_Point = {-32.8, 3.53, 0.0}
  15. Was the "new AFM" released during the last patch ?
  16. I shall have to ask the scripting Guru's about this... what about on other a/c ?
  17. That's a fair point, I didn't actually set it up for either OVGME or regular, but yeah Rudel is on the button with this.
  18. That's a good idea sir, thank you. The collision model with this release was the older that that sneaked back in under the radar(s) It will be fixed for the next updates I'm ex Brit-Mil too, and was on HMS Rothesay for a long weekend on exchange
  19. The mod is active.. !! Okay, I spotted an issue with one of the models after I uploaded the files, and will need to wait until Hawkeye60 sends me the updated model, as I don't know my way around 3dsmax enough to fix it, and export it.. It will be fixed and updated as quickly as possible, I wasn't expecting the Mod to go live so soon !! hahahahaha
  20. Update.. All the hard works is done, a release is planned for tomorrow 01 JAN 2022 ( I can't upload pics, I'm restricted to a size of 243KB!! ) Due to the massive size of the Liveries pack, the release will be in 2 parts Part 1: The Base Leander class that will include 4 models, the Guns, the Exocet, Exocet Towed Array, and the base class towed array ( this class never existed) A blank canvas for your own designs. Part 2 : The Liveries pack that will contain all the Leander class frigates used by the Royal Navy only ( 50+ Liveries) You WILL need 7Zip to open, otherwise I cannot compress enough to upload to DCS Both the base files and the Liveries packs have now been uploaded to my DCS files, awaiting approval. I will upload to drop-box until the files are active on DCS world. https://imgur.com/gallery/eDBpazq
  21. I've tried to update to the latest open beta, and it stops at this part 06627.276 ERROR: Can't delete F:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin/AIFM.dll: (5) Access is denied. Never seen this before in an update. Disregard, DCS didn't shut down properly the last time I ran it, and was running silently in the background...all good now
  22. Did that, and it still crashed, and then discovered an errant mod folder in my "tech" folder in the saved games, works a charm again, thank you for your help and assistance !
  23. I've just started having issues where I cannot quit a mission without the game freezing and I have to then use task manager to quit. dcs.log
  24. Oban

    Bugs VA / Vaicom pro

    I'm having issues after the past couple of updates with the F18C, when I tune the radio in, both UHF and VGH to 127.500 and call "Stenis" .."Inbound" I no longer hear the response, even trying to "call the ball" on finals it doesn't seem to transmit, but the LSO will talk me down, and grade me? Weird.
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