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  1. Assuming the PTT button for VoIP and SRS are both mapped to the same control, the transmission should go out on both services without conflict. They do not interfere with or talk to each other in any way.
  2. Definitely a needed feature. The ability to isolate a radio to the left or right audio channel would help immensely as well.
  3. If you're referring to the incorrect lead calculations for the gunsight/improper ammunition values, that has not been resolved. The AIM-9B's performance has been corrected, however.
  4. Video of strafing with the 37mm. Explosive effects seem a little large for the payload. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awHBBpkdKJo mig15n37.trk
  5. Agreed. If I make a mission for a flight of Sabres, and two of the pilots can't fly it because I put a Kdo.40 in a Flak 18 battery somewhere (so that it will actually function), that is "splitting the community".
  6. The game already does pick up mods in a mission that are not present in your client install. Look to the bottom left in the server information window. If the mission uses mods that you do not have installed, the mods will be listed. What you want seems to be more of a server browser feature than an IC fix. EDIT: Not sure if the "required modules" edit overrides this feature or not.
  7. Crazy that this is still a problem. We got around this by using the payload restriction feature on each individual aircraft, leaving the airfields/carriers/FARPS set to unlimited. For our purposes, we just wanted to restrict weapons to a certain time period, so that worked well (albeit with a significant time investment to retrofit missions). If the design intent is to limit munitions availability or simulate logistics, then yeah, there's no getting around this super-irritating bug.
  8. I checked last night in the various F-5 instant action missions and didn't see this behavior. Does this only occur when the threat is late activated?
  9. Reposting from the F-86 section as this has gotten no attention there, and it in fact applies to the missile itself and not just the Sabre. Thanks Curly for finding all this. Summary: After the GAR-8 is launched, it takes about 2 seconds before the missile will begin to maneuver to intercept the target it is tracking. The GAR-8 in game may also not pull enough G. According to various official sources, The missile should begin to maneuver 0.5 seconds after it leaves the rail and pull up to 12 g. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/288435-gar-8-aim-9b-guidance-activation-time/
  10. The behavior of the 88s is by design. It does, however, make the free Flak 18 useless without the WWII Assets Pack. Haven't received a response yet as to if this was an oversight or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY0ahJ_heoU
  11. @Flappie @NineLine Pretty decent documentation here.
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