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  1. Hey Admiral, I've send you something, I really hope that you can make something out of it.
  2. Everybody that likes Oblast Archangelsk to be included in the Kola Peninsula map please go to their feedback site and tell them that you like to have that region too. The feedback site is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeNAsKJqITX3JvMLd1L-DB5T9bT3XYHoHkl-E2m0FwcU-ZdHA/viewform
  3. Hello @Admiral189, with the announcement of the Kola Peninsula map I was wondering if you will enhance the already nice northern fleet to a few ships? When I read that Kola will be coming I was happy to be able to play a "cold war gone hot" scenario! While I was thinking about possible scenarios in that direction, I will definitely do some missions with the superb recently released submarine packs. Especially the "Typhoon" subs have my attention, as you might know the Russians build a support vessel for them. The Alexandr Brykin was able to reload the R-39 SLBM missile on sea, or better in the fjord where the fleet of the Typhoons were based. So with that in mind I can really dream of making missions where to prevent the Alexandr Brykin support vessel to reach a Typhoon. I hope that you or some experienced person in this thread will take a look at this ship. It would be absolutely great to have this one being made for DCS.
  4. I like very much that ORBX will make the Kola Peninsula - I'm a fan of the cold war gone hot scenario! But at the preview picture that shows the coverage of the map we can see that they will leave out the Oblast Arkhangelsk. To me this makes no sense. As you may know there is the town Sewerodwinsk, it is the most important shipbuilding town of Russia! There were all big "Typhoon" submarines built as well as all new SSBN and SSN and all others, life cycle renovation of the Kirov missile battleships etc. + the reloading crane for the new Bulava or R-39 SLBM's. So everyone can image that this part of the white sea is very important and is a strategic must have place to have. So I urge you not to miss this region with this strategically important city! The Solovetsky Monastery is also a place in the Arkhangelsk Oblast that you should also not forget, it is a special place in the white sea that has to be in the Kola peninsula map. I know that many people have wishes for maps that are being created, and not every wish could be fulfilled but it really makes no sense that they cut off that small but important place that is clearly visible on the coverage picture of the map. Please think about it. It is a target destination for fighter/bomber aviators and that is what DCS is about. Also there could be the most eastern Airport on that map, Arkhangelsk Talagi. Those locations are at the lower right corner of the preview screen - I marked it with yellow. Kind regards from Sebastian @BIGNEWY, @NineLine
  5. Hi there, also a CV1 user here. Do you guys tested the CV1 with windows 11 yet? I wonder if it works and at what performance?
  6. Thank you for the clarification! Wow, I like the picture with the attached skies, looks stunning. I'd love to see it in DCS - regardless if they would be useful or only for the eye. How long would it take to bring the skies into DCS? 8 man hours? 2 working days? I just wonder how much work time it would take?
  7. Somebody of ED can say something about this?
  8. I really like to use the Xbox one controller for the CPG seat. It feels a bit more like I would use the TEDAC. So i use it for the immersion.
  9. Hi there, as I am a big fan of the L1011 Tristar by myself I would like to see that plane as a Tanker in my favorite Sim also! Please keep in mind that RAF TriStars gave fuel not only to RAF Jets. She gave fuel to any NATO partners. Look at that picture
  10. I'd like to have a option for the ability to Attach / De-attach Skies in the Mission editor, just like the FCR, especially for missions in winter/snow they would add something to the already cool Apache!
  11. Just a question: Would it be possible to use the Toyota Hilux as a "red" nation - for insurgents? So that i can build a mission in Syria, starting with the F/A-18 from a carrier and make a bombing run on 'em, or are the Toyotas bound to the nation France (blue force)? Sorry I'm not long into mission building by myself...
  12. Hello all, this morning i got the message that i can also upgrade to W11. I'm using a I7-10700K CPU with 32GB DDR4 3600 RAM and a GTX 1070 (I will not buy a new one until the prices are some kind of normal). I still use a Oculus Rift CV1 that works very well for me to this day. I have read that Oculus doesn't official recomend the installation of W11 and at this thread two users talked about stutters. Did there change something since the last weeks? Would you recommend the upgrade? Any advice?
  13. Hello Admiral, thank you for your work you put into enhancing the fleet of DCS! I just like to put two ships into your focus. At first the Arctica Icebreaker class - the "Yamal" would be very cool - because of the shark teeth that they painted on her. And second the supply/support vessel of the Typhoon SSBN "Alexandr Brykin" Project 11570 because it's some kind of unbelievable to imagine that there would be the need to reload a SSBN on sea after it had fired its 20 ballistic missiles.
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