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  1. Maybe someone could make a mod for it to enable the pilot to control the switch between tv and flir from the pilots seat. Anyone know how to do that?
  2. Control would be good but so far I have yet to see him use TV mode on the tads during any weather or natural light condition.
  3. You haven't boresighted your IHADSS, check the forum or youtube for the details on how to do it.
  4. Hey all, Been trying to learn to control this awesome module for the last week or so, finally think I'm getting somewhere which is cool, still can't throw it around like the Hind yet but getting there. Thanks to ED and the team of advisors that developed this brilliant module! Is there a way to tell George to switch the TADS from FLIR to TV during the day? Quite often I like to have the tads relayed onto my MFD and during the day the flir makes it impossible to see vehicles clearly, TV would be much easier, especially when there are friends and foes close to each other. If not, could someone make a cheat mod to enable that keybind from the pilot seat? Like we had with the Tomcat being able to control the lantirn.
  5. I'm not a serious flight simmer or a real pilot so I can't really comment on the flight model, I like how it handles though, it's fun and highly maneuverable. What I don't like is the lack of systems/weapons currently. I'll be a lot happier once it's got mavericks, harms, jdams etc. Some more diverse skins to help distinguish who is who on servers would be nice. Otherwise I'm happy to have it and think long term it'll be worth the 70 dollars or whatever I paid for it.
  6. Ah yes that's true, but having someone cross reference and make sure the asset is true to life would be quicker than having to design it themselves. I know it's a totally different product but there is a city builder called CitiesSkylines, the community makes an enormous amount of assets to add on most of which better than the vanilla game. I bet there is some very talented people who love DCS who could really help. Certainly I'd love if a bunch of people came together and created some more buildings for Dubai in the PG map. I know the city fairly well and it bugs me how indistinguishable a lot of the buildings are but perhaps if I didn't know the place IRL then it wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Yes there are a lot of places that would be interesting to fly in, I certainly agree with that. I wonder how much time is spent making sure existing maps match up with their real world counterparts. What about if the Falkland Islands map included the Ascension Islands but instead of making it true to life and 6,000km away, they adjust the position and made it 800km away or something? Would that not be welcome because it's not accurate or a good change to make the map more interesting?
  8. I did search for fictional/fictitious and I couldn't find that thread somehow. Interesting to read though it.
  9. Would you play a fictitious map, yes/no and why?
  10. I wonder if the technology behind MS Flight Sim 2020 will eventually change how maps/terrain in DCS are produced. If AI can essentially create most of the map and terrain, you'd just have to have a big library of varied buildings and other assets for it to plop down by itself. I have no idea how map making is done but seems like it could be a good step going forward in flight simming in general. If FS2020 can use this tech to make the whole world in reasonable level of quality/detail, you'd think that scaled down to one region it could be made to look even more detailed.
  11. Imagine if ED let the community build assets and mod the maps for their maps, I reckon the talented folk would bang out some awesome additions within a few weeks. Certainly PG map could be fleshed out some more and also some more unique buildings added for the cities. Even the cities in Caucasus map could use some unique buildings which would help with navigation and pointing out enemy ground units from the sky.
  12. Done this a couple of times myself also, makes sense to move it if possible.
  13. Yep same issue for me also, can't join any server either once it finally does populate. It just stays on the loading screen. I left it for 10 mins before I forced DCS to close.
  14. I sometimes fly with that loadout if I need to do a huge amount of ground destruction, it does not like to fly in that loadout at all. If you get jumped by an enemy you need to jettison immediately otherwise you'll just fall out of the sky as soon as you try and fight. The amount of fuel you burn through carrying that load also means you most likely need the centre tank also, again adding to the weight.
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