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  1. Hi YoYo, We are looking into this but as you can imagine we have had a bit of a list going on thanks for you feedback
  2. I am planning to adjust this eventually, but its way down my list as the moment
  3. this is a known issue across all maps with ED, however this for some reason occurs more often with the SA map which is a good thing in that it is helping ED identify what the issue is. Please turn off your mirrors as this removed the black screen issue for the moment until Ed fix this. Locking thread as no further discussion is requied
  4. we haven't created any instant action missions as of yet due to time limitations but we are have someone working on them Locking thread as no further discussion required
  5. so after some investigation, we came to the conclusion that this will have to wait way down the line, this will require a major rework to include traffic on different sides in various parts of the map
  6. Hello Fellow Pilots, Please find below a "quick view" development report of the current state of the South Atlantic map, we will update this as we move forward. We are already underway sorting the mainland out in the areas that require attention Many thanks Specter
  7. we are looking into creating some FAM flight missions for the Harrier and the M2000C
  8. people have managed to take some really cool shots. but as I mention in our dev post all of your concerns will be addressed during EA. our goal is to make this the best map for DCS examples below
  9. This has already been discussed, my idea was to have the option once terrain was purchase to have a download of the high res textures for those that have the space. We need to discuss this with ED to iron out if this is possible. As of now our focus is back on the mainland and will progress through the map adding more details and correcting issues
  10. if you are having issues contact Ed support they are great at sorting this stuff out
  11. During development we made sure some of the mission makers had access to the map so that on day one there could be missions available for you to play. Through the Inferno as stated above is a great mission
  12. yes this will come during EA but there is a lot of work to be done before we consider spending time with this
  13. thanks for the support. We have now swapped back to the mainland and will be addressing issues as we work our way through the map.
  14. our focus has been brought back to the mainland after updating the Falkland Islands, these sort of issues will be addressed during EA Thanks Raz_Specter
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