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  1. Use a DX key rather that a keyboard key and it will work fine, in the Adjust Controls screen add in the DX keys under the virtual controller
  2. How did you resolve the issue for the RWR export, thx
  3. check this link, full custom skins but a bit pricey https://www.fiverr.com/ctcvisuals/create-custom-dcs-world-liveries?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=g_uk_general_dsa_all-pages_desktop&utm_term=uk_dsa_all-pages&utm_content=AdID^469037971178^Keyword^^Placement^^Device^c&caid=11196650333&agid=118245247188&ad_id=469037971178&kw=&lpcat=&show_join=true&gclid=Cj0KCQiAubmPBhCyARIsAJWNpiNm5mLQgDt5YmyvwOSk7HM1wvVOBFdsD1StTJ-5xpMwr0RIEks98H8aAvpiEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. Had exactly the same issues and using 20200325 fixed everything and was so easy, the latest software and firmware is not always the answer. for other people who have no experience of the virpil software, all you need to do is go to the Firmware tab, update firmware, then go to profile, enter in new name and put in VID & PID from above, hit update button below, and then save to Virpil, big Green button. it will then save to the stick and that’s it, I then went to Axis button and calibrated then save again to Virpil. Everything worked first time in Target, I did not create profile etc
  5. With a little bit more tweaking I got it to work last night, many thx for all input
  6. So what I have as a setup, my router has been set to modem mode and a TP-link Deco mesh system is connected to the modem. Went into online modem page and set up port forwarding using the wlan from Deco, then on Deco set up port forwarding for the pc ip . Using port checker it still says 10308 is closed.
  7. I have public IP and use windows firewall, not sure how to setup port forwarding on my router
  8. When I create a local server (not dedicated) and add the mission, I can enter the mission but my squadron members can’t see the server in the list, I have tried countless times with the same result. If they start their local servers, it pops up immediately and we can join, very frustrating. Any ideas welcome
  9. Your PC will always see the joystick so DCS direct bindings still work without any background software running, the Virpil program is used to program buttons directly and is the Virpil equivalent of Target. I use a 100mm extension but 50mm should work nice as well. Remember that Virpil software won’t program a Thrustmaster stick, however you can re-program the Virpil base so Target thinks it’s a Thrustmaster base, allowing you to use Target in the future. Target is a powerful piece of software and worth learning, there is allot of help on the forums here in case you stuck.
  10. The CM2 is always on back order, I ordered mine to mount the TM F18 stick on and from order to arrival in the (UK) was 2 weeks, so backorder is measured in days from what I’ve experienced.
  11. Sometimes you cant see it for looking at it, I had TrackIR assigned to zoom rather than Headtracker Fwd/Bk, many Thx
  12. I can set up my default in cockpit zoom and save with RALT Num0 but as soon as I unpause TrackIR it zooms me in too far, is there any way to default TrackIR to the main cockpit zoom
  13. In case you did not get this sorted, in the add advance waypoints, I think it’s Perform Task ‘Assign Group’ and within that there is a drop down ‘Auto’, if you scroll down you can stipulate guided bombs or whatever you want to drop.
  14. AI only, I have placed no waypoints, just placed them on a ridge. I noticed when the mission starts, a few vehicles had moved and on further investigation using outside views, the vehicles were rolling down the hill ?
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