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  1. Hello Last week was pretty busy for us, we had to ship some "stuff" over to IRAN. But i was very glad and disponented about the upcoming changes to the server. Happy that we can dominate the filthy americans with r-60m. Disappointed that they were not implemented yet. I have therefore written a poem to Mr. Alpenwolf to speed up the process. He protecc He attac But most importently i want my r-60M back
  2. Hey Alpen, Yesterday there was a clan on the server behaving like 5 year olds. I was on the read team and they were on red team too. Except one of them were sitting as a blue team i Tactical Commander (GCI). Once the blue players were spawning in the tactical commander team killed the blue team from the APCs. My suggestion is ban the entire clan or remove the Tactical Commander slot.
  3. When the Viggen was at the drawing board. The mig 21 was dominating the skies and slaughtering those filthy Americans. Its better to keep it balanced then "real" aka total RED domination! So its good that the mig-21s does not have to best missiles. Otherwise it would be crying blue team all over the place.
  4. Is this forgotten beacuse it does not the same way as in the hornet.
  5. The peoples Government of North Korea have made the decision to donate 5 €.
  6. Thank you, i assume that the R-3R is semi guided.
  7. The manual does not cover which missiles i preferred against enemy fighters. Radar missiles Which one? IR-missiles Which one?
  8. Server is hidden, current mission "When mountains cry"
  9. One AWACS, two AWACSES or AWACS?
  10. So the players need to donate 20 €?
  11. This has been a problem forever.
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