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  1. Quote from the wiki: "These values will not be updated by DCS when the cockpit is not rendered (e.g. in external view or HUD-only view). The solution is to assign another viewport to these indicators (through MonitorSetup.lua), so they exist even when the cockpit is not shown. You can make the viewport 1x1 pixels in size and place it outside of your visible screen area. For example, if you have no monitor above the primary one, you could place the viewport at coordinates (0, -10)."
  2. The directory is correct, as is the method of adding a library. Your error message stated that you have two dcs-bios librarys: Used: C:\Users\Dave\Documents\Arduino\libraries\dcs-bios-arduino-library-0.2.11 Not used: C:\Users\Dave\Documents\Arduino\libraries\dcs-bios-arduino-library-0.3.7 So i told you to delete the old one. I use arduino IDE 1.8.13, maybe you try the actual one from arduino.cc (1.8.19)? I think i read something about the 2.0.0 being a bit "finicky" but i dont remember where... So maybe you give that a try - the scetch looks good from my side. edit:link https://www.arduino.cc/en/software
  3. Delete " C:\Users\Dave\Documents\Arduino\libraries\dcs-bios-arduino-library-0.2.11" and try again to compile.
  4. The VKB button tester shows all 128 dx-buttons You can find it in any mmjoy-package.
  5. On the master as well as on the slaves. It filters noise from the power supply.
  6. Between Vcc and Gnd of the max487.
  7. Maybe a dumb question, but do your nanos have different slave numbers? I use no resistors in my rs485 bus, just a capacitor (100nF) for every max487 chip for power source smoothing/filtering.
  8. User rel4y on this forum used to offer ready-made 4021 shift register boards, ask him if he still does. If not, debolestis boards and a bit soldering it is.
  9. Are you using the hub version of dcs-bios or the flightpanel fork? Hub is more easy to use, but is no longer updated. Did you made the necessary changes to the export.lua? For the Hub version: do you see the "connected" lit green? For the flightpanels version: do you see the battery switch action in the socat window? Heres a link to the flightpanel version wiki: https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios/blob/master/Scripts/DCS-BIOS/doc/userguide.adoc Another good tool to monitor actions from dcs-bios is the dcs-bios-debug tool: https://github.com/tldBear/dcsBiosDebug/blob/master/README.md Hope you find the error...
  10. Mine is ready for the better part of a year now - well, the hardware. Its sitting in the shelf and collecting dust. For the moment, stay with the 164. Edit: The -210 will not replace the -164, but one of the -186.
  11. Updating firmware is the same process as initial firmware flash. Yes, you loose all bindings.
  12. Hi! You used the Input pins (for daisy-chaining more sr´s) instead of the output pins to attach the boards to the micro controller. "Out" means output from the shift registers to the micro controller.
  13. Hi! The plastic stems are really stable, no need for a metal one. I have two sticks with plastik printed stems from shapeways and they hold up to anything I threw at them.
  14. Its not iron but zamac (a zink alloy) so not very strong. You can get replacement in severall flavours here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/debolestis Good luck!
  15. I use mmjoy- no coding required. My last coding experience before dcs-bios was logoscript on a c64... Yes, i am that old.
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