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  1. Thanks Lurker. Just one final question from me then. Is the F-14 a viable plane for flying online on a long term basis? Almost the entirety of my time online in IL-2 has been online with a squadron in multiplayer PVP, because it lets you use real world tactics and human competition is much more interesting to me (cooperative online is also great). The reason I ask about long term basis is because for me part of the enjoyment comes from spending the long term with something and becoming proficient over many months, which (in my opinion) just isn't too viable with only AI to cooperate with. I'm thinking in terms of flying multiplayer servers with others - is the F14 totally outclassed by other jets like the F16/F18 in PVP scenarios? Just trying to figure out what I'd do with it after I've finished all the SP content
  2. Thanks for the advice guys - I think I'll give it a go! On the topic of ergonomics, this is the VKB NXT/SEM/THQ combo. I used to use the TWCS in what you'd think is a more ergonomic setup, but surprisingly this setup is extremely comfortable. Stick in the middle, throttle to the left, and I've had 3/4 hour multiplayer IL 2 sessions in a lot of comfort - whereas I used to get some aches from using the TWCS long term. Surprised me too actually. Actually, a reason for this might be the relative set and forget nature of WW2 planes. the throttles tend to either sit in cruise setting, or combat setting, so your hand is off the throttle most of the time. (Also yup I do have TrackIR - and a good pair of rudder pedals!)
  3. Hey guys, Typically I've been a fan of world war 2 Sims so my time has largely been spent with IL2, but I've become curious about the F-14 and F-18. Problem is, I have a setup really geared more towards World War 2 and civilian aircraft: https://ibb.co/3NFVBmJ It's pretty good with a high availability of buttons, but really the only buttons available near the throttle are the ones on the bottom row. I also have rudder pedals and head tracking. Before I download the simulator and set things up, is there much point with this particular setup? Would the F18/14 be more appropriate, or would this just be an exercise in frustration? Thanks
  4. Hi there, I exclusively fly the BF109K and this bug occurs on all maps when landing, if I have a wingman, whenever I land on an airfield, my wingman gets caught in a loop of 2, rejoin. He repeats it non stop (or until he smashes into the ground). I'm using the latest beta. I hope this is helpful.
  5. Thanks for this guys and also sorry for the delay - you're all entirely correct and you've solved my issues. Tutorial issue too
  6. Hey all, I started learning the F-14 this weekend and I seem to be having a few problems. The first is that on the RIO startup mission, I think there's an issue - the mission starts and nothing happens. Perhaps a broken trigger? The second is that none of my Jester callouts seem to be happening. For example during the startup tutorial it implies I should hear Jester say 'ready to start engines', but he says nothing - just sits in silence. In addition I get no airspeed callouts on takeoff (and the tutorial suggested he'd call out airspeed). I looked into the options and made sure the callouts checkbox is ticked, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm running the latest beta, but mainly a single player user - would I be better off switching to the stable version perhaps? Thanks again, and thanks for recreating such a beautiful aircraft (Viggen was also one of my favourites). Can hardly wait for your Eurofighter.
  7. Hey all! I'm about to start learning the F-14, and I bought the Zone 5 campaign, Fear the Bones campaign, and I know the F-14 also includes a campaign. I was wondering, which order would it be best to tackle them in? I wonder if some are more geared towards being training campaigns etc? I like to generally save the best to last, so would prefer to start with the lowest quality campaign and progress to better ones, unless of course some of them are much easier. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I own the Aviojet, F-5, F-14 and F-18 modules. I bought them all as I'm a huge fan of the Command strategy sim, and wanted to do a tour through aircraft that are vaguely related to each other in terms of ordering. I've got all the campaigns for each of them, and I know there's a huge amount of content for the F-14 and F18, so there's no issue there. My question really is, how can I get the most out of the Avio and the F5? I'll complete all the included content + dlc campaigns. I know the Avio will probably end up the least used but I'm sure I'll get a lot of enjoyment out of it purely because it's so well modelled. Are the multiplayer cold war servers well populated generally? For example is it simple enough to find a wingman for either the C101 or F5 online? Thanks :)
  9. Hey all, I bought the F/A18C a month ago and have been learning it since. I think I'm ready to start with campaigns, so I bought the following: Aggressors BFM Campaign The Serpents Head 2 Raven One Operation Pontus Rising Squall I was wondering what order people recommend to play them in? I am guessing some are more beginner friendly - for example Rising Squall says it is easy at the start. Thanks.
  10. It's certainly not necessary, but it helps a lot in later career advancement when you start speaking with stakeholders! Have you been trying to get a job and can't then? Happy to offer advice if you'd like, like I said, I'm very involved in hiring engineers
  11. What an awesome, thorough response. Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to getting all this into muscle memory and being able to go online and be effective. Love this plane :) Thanks again!
  12. Hey all, I bought the A10C 2 and I'm enjoying learning all the systems again and play around with basic scenarios in the editor for practice before getting into campaigns. I haven't played DCS since 2014. I looked at the compatible campaigns available for the A10C 2 from the user files and paid campaigns, and I have: The Enemy Within 3.0 and from, the User Files, A10c Georgian Hammer and Operation Piercing Fury. Nested under the old A10C I have the following, which I must have bought years ago: Red Flag 16-2, Stone Shield, A10c Sturmovik, Basic and Advanced training qualifications. This feels like it's potentially a good amount of content, but can anyone confirm whether it's worth going back to the original to play them through? Do they work correctly / is the flight model etc close to the A10C-2? I'm presuming pretty much everything bar the extra weapon systems will translate between the original A10 and the new one? Am I right in thinking the original A10c has had a cockpit upgrade anyway, so it won't be like going back to 2010?! (I'm away from my machine for the next week, so can't check) Thanks
  13. Hey all, I'm not ready to go online just yet, and was wondering, which of the above modules offer the best single player content in terms of missions, working well made campaigns etc? I'm hoping to get a lot of out a module in SP before I take it online. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone.
  14. Hey all, Loving the module but a bit confused. I'm practising intercepting ships but my radar seems sporadic. Situation is I put the radar into A1 mode, don't touch elevation. Fly anywhere from 100 to 300m on the sea. Approach from 90 miles down 10 miles. Sometimes the radar will pick them up, sometimes it won't. Can anyone think why this is? Thanks :) Nevermind. Solved it. Gain was down!
  15. Also very interested in this. I love the harrier IRL, grew up with books on it. But is the Razdam implementation bad?
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