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  1. Brilliant, this is 950% shorter than my list, and way more understandable The Hornet uses a similar pattern.
  2. I have a remark in my notes saying this However, I just did a more thorough test, and it is more complicated than that: There seems to be a pattern, but I have no idea how accurate it is to the real jet: X0-X3 - OK X4-X7 - ERROR X8 - resets to X0 X9 - resets to X1 EDIT: so the above ranges give us enough codes to support up to eight four-ship flights.
  3. That's the common "civilian" MODE 3 squawk, entered alongside the other modes mentioned above.
  4. To add to the above: - Mode 1 allowed range is 1-23 EDIT: not quite so - To squawk IDENT, if requested, you press the I/P button on the up-front controller; - Mode 2 is not used in DCS; - Make sure the transponder is enabled ("XP" or "AI" is displayed in the scratchpad).
  5. Yes, Case I and II departures are zip-lip, unless something goes awry.
  6. The RECCE event mark switch is used to create "bookmarks" on the flight tapes, or to operate a reconnaissance equipment on certain aircraft. Doubt we'll ever see either function implemented in DCS, so mapping it is a waste of a joystick's button.
  7. They're still tweaking the burble effect; what we currently have is the first iteration.
  8. 1. Options > Gameplay > uncheck the "Wake turbulence" and see if that helps. ACLS plus the "burble" effect equals bolter. 2. Waveoffs and bolters are not yet supported. You have to repeat the whole approach, starting from the 'inbound' call (or restart the mission).
  9. Let's add some weight to this report. According to the standards (UFC 3-260-04, or any other appropriate FAA/DOD publication), taxiway centerline (the yellow part) should be either 6 or 12 inches wide. Taxiway centerlines at Nellis are significantly wider than one foot. It's hard to measure them precisely using the in-game ruler, but I would say they're 16 to 19 inches wide. Fix would be appreciated.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a prompt response. The map is considered "completed", and this is not a game-breaking issue. Maybe they'll decide to revisit the NTTR at some point, and will fix this alongside the other problems.
  11. I cannot simply add a couple of HARM codes without adding the rest of the data on each SAM. And this will create a mess, since many of their systems share the codes and RWR IDs with the core units ("BB", "10", etc), yet have a completely different engagement ranges. But I'll tell you what, at some point I'll have to split this kneeboard in two to accommodate the upcoming assets and modules. This will likely give us plenty of space to include the HDS as a separate section.
  12. Это может происходить при триммировании со включенным автопилотом и/или автоматом тяги. Или в том случае, если они до этого были отключены пересиливанием, а не соответствующими кнопками*. Или если скорость слишком высока (>200). Или если автомат тяги подключается слишком рано (>140). Или это очередной баг. * - у себя чаще всего наблюдаю этот сценарий.
  13. (DCS)\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\TEWS\device\CMDS_ALE47.lua
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