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  1. Still the one and only feature I'm waiting for DCS UH-1H. It's getting long, really long.
  2. Got this bird since the release but since then I was in shock... and it took me so much time to say: ...Thanks HB. This aircraft is pure art,it revives the "feeling" for a lot of ppl. Thanks thanks, Kudos.
  3. Haha these guys :) What will it be on Easter ? Two eggs and a cock ?
  4. Probablement le cap de la piste. Tu règles ça avec le bouton CRS ( course select) en haut à droite de ton AMPCD (écran du milieu), en ayant le mode TCN sélectionné.
  5. Same, I went: NOOWAAAYYY Aaayy .ay.. mmmmmh.. No.
  6. Had the same problem. In mission editor my error was to set the tacan options for the carrier in "triggered actions" thumbnail instead of advanced (waypoints actions) options. Hope this helps. NeF
  7. Hi, Can someone elaborate a bit on how to get the Stennis to activate tacan for the hornet in mission editor since last update? I see there is something related to "unit" that wasn't there before in the command? It worked before last update for stable version. Now I can't stop that tacan icon to do 360's on the HSI. Thanks!
  8. Launching DCS with admin mode did the trick for me.
  9. Hi folks. I'm sure I could find the answer by browsing the forum but I'm affraid my puter will die on me very very soon, since this morning it is extremely slow and tells me I have damaged files everytime I reboot. Anyway, it is a very old puter and I have to change my whole rig. What should I do while it is still working prior to installing dcs on a new computer regarding activations and lesser headache afterwards? Thanks.
  10. I'm gonna try to fall not too hard from the stairs so I can still play but not look suspicious to my boss.
  11. It does look like a pegasus bristol in some ways but what about those 3 prongs in front of the prop ?
  12. Doesn't looks like a swordfish prop to me? Btw it looks like wood but it's aluminium flaking out.
  13. Sorry, my question is not what aircraft in particular it belongs to but what type of aircraft used those engines in that area.
  14. Sorry if the pictures didn't show on the first post.
  15. Can someone tell me what aircraft this engine might come from, knowing it was found next to Naxos island, Greece ?
  16. I have to dig this up and thank Bignewy. I just installed 2.5 stable and prior to updating realtek AUDIO drivers/codec, I couldn't completely load the map on the editor or in MP briefing. It would load partially and slowly, then crash DCS. I still wonder how audio can affect loading stuff on your computer but I'm not a computer guy. Thanks Bignewy, I would never have thought this. :thumbup:
  17. Je ne demanderai pas ce que tu veux dire par flotter comme un ivrogne, car je connais bien cette sensation. Mais honnêtement je n'arrive pas à imaginer l' ébriété que tu décris sur nos fidèles appareils.. SI jamais c'est de la gazelle que tu parles en particulier, c'est une bécane horriblement sensible avec les courbes par défaut. Il faut la laisser voler... juste lui suggérer par où aller. Il n'y a qu' au palonnier que tu peux être ferme. Lutter contre elle te fera voler comme un ivrogne en effet.
  18. So.. you have an answer to your question, yeah it's a bird, a'ight? A super one? Let the crickets decide. I might myself go KRIII-KRIII, one day.
  19. Mag 3 guys, please wipe that disgusting grin off your faces and pm me the answer, I won't tell anybody.
  20. (Crickets control department, Teasing division) P.S. Do expect surprises… You remember this? Ok, now watch this: Mmmmh... conceavable?
  21. Quick recap, we have a clear P-38 on the coming soon page but same kind of drawings have been misleading in the past. We have that awkward not working link form their website: http://www.vmfa-531.com/leathernecksim/coming-soon/ We have strong clues towards the super galeb (Fact that some of the devs might have flown it, the super "bird", the serbian base, the aerobatics things)but imho that wouldn't be "special note" worthy surprise(s). Oh, and we have rivets. What am I forgeting ?
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