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  1. Want to be up to date, look here: https://www.facebook.com/pw.developer Description Navigation system and radar map for DCS World For working You need to download and install Lua export script for DCS World from here (detailed information on how to add a script to DCS World can be found on the same page) https://github.com/pet333r/pw-dev_script main functions: - displaying your own position and data - displaying the radius of a circle around the user module - displaying the position of other objects: airplanes, helicopters, ships - SAM launcher position display - displaying information about current missiles in the air - displaying airports on the map with information - display of available ILS tracks with navigation information - display beacons (TACAN, NDB, VOR etc) - displaying different icons depending on the type of object - displaying map boundaries - displaying NTTR boundaries - radio altitude limit warning - change of frequency of data reception from DCS World for individual objects - ability to enable/disable displaying individual objects on the map - change of map type - side menu with the ability to quickly change the display of objects on the map - support for DCS Util app DOWNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pwdev.dcsnav Video: Pictures:
  2. Add this folder to some cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox etc) and send me a link to the shared folder. Google often doesn't allow add lua files as an email attachment because it considers them "suspicious".
  3. Send me the entire Scripts folder and screenshots with IP addresses of your devices. I will check where the cause of this may be
  4. Check if the IP addresses of the devices are correct, it is possible that the router assigned them new ones Info for DCS UFC app users who have the new South Atlantic map. Please update the script to the latest version so that everything works properly when flying on this map. To do this, just run the "update_pw-dev_script" file in the script folder. https://github.com/pet333r/pw-dev_script
  5. replace the files responsible for the update in the script (update.ps1 - download from github), it is possible that you have an older version of this file that previously had to be updated manually this is how it works at the moment a few people have already written to me about this, I'll try to come up with something The A-10 will definitely get it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New version 1.0.2022.0520 avaible - F-16C: added ECM panel - JF-17 changed panels graphics: COMM, external / internal lights - AJS37: updated warning colors on the right panel - FA-18C: added "clicking" COMM's knobs (by clicking on COMM LCD) - added window with information about the configuration of MFD / JF-17 MFCD panels - removed unnecessary files - some app code has been optimized
  6. I will add, not only this for the Ka-50 I know this, but it is not possible to add "click on the COMM's knob" in the app, I think I will add some extra buttons on the panel which will correspond to "clicking" the COMM knobs. As for the organization of the panels, I also thought about it, but I have to think how to organize it because it will definitely require significant changes in the application. I will check it, it is possible that something has changed in this module and will need a script update.
  7. New version 1.0.2022.0401 avaible - A-10C: added external/internal lights panel - AV8BNA: fixed AV BIT caution light - M2000C PCN: added INS waypoints buttons & mode/operation selectors - M2000C PCN: updated display of BAD, REC, MRC, VAL buttons backlight - M2000C PCA: fixed illumination of the lower buttons - map: added the ability to toggle data display in metric / imperial form - added Android 12L support - some unnecessary files have been removed
  8. New version 1.0.2022.0211 avaible - JF-17: added radio panel (COMM) - app: part of the data receiving code has been optimized - fixed display of the map panel on some types of devices - changed color of "clicking" buttons to less visible - some fonts have been changed
  9. There should be no compilation with Tacview and Vaicom, but I am not sure about the other scripts. Try to turn off the others and turn them on one at a time, checking which one causes a conflict
  10. I did some testing. I was looking for a lot on the net and as it turns out, almost every script for DCS World causes some drops. Hence, the reason rather is in lua itself (and the data transfer) or data reception from DCS World or both, but more on that later. First, I set the graphics settings to the lowest level in DCS to get the most FPS to get the best view of the FPS difference. Then I ran the same mission in DCS with different settings: - no scripts - app script - DCS-BIOS script - Tacview script - SRS script All these configurations separately, after each test there was a restart of DCS World and setting the next script for testing. The decline occurred with every script (except SRS). The remaining scripts dropped at the same level. Smaller drops could be observed on the Caucasus map (at 160 FPS, a drop by about 5-6 FPS). The biggest drop in Mariana Islands (with a 130 FPS drop of about 10 FPS). From what it seems to me, drops occur in every script that somehow processes data from a specific module (that's why it probably did not occur on SRS, but SRS was only running during the test - not connected to any server) With a smaller amount of FPS (60-80), the drops were imperceptible (with or without the script, the amount of FPS was practically the same) I was looking on the net and it turns out that information about certain drops can be finded practically about each script. Additionally, I changed some code in the script, it gave a slight speed up by about + 3% (update available on Github) I want to do more specific tests because at the moment it only applied to FA-18 on Caucasus and Mariana Islands maps. Perhaps it may be a little different for other modules.
  11. I work, but the vast majority have to be rewrite to a programming language other than the Android version (which is a lot of work). In addition, I'm working on something else ... so far I can't tell more ...
  12. Best to update the whole script (it has changed a bit). Delete the entire folder and download a new zip file from github (of course, don't forget to include your devices' IP in the new Config.lua file)
  13. The LTD/R switch remains in the ARM position while the Targeting Pod is in OPR "Operate" mode. If I can find a way to check which mode the Targeting Pod is currently in, then I will be able to fix that (remains ARM / returns to SAFE). At the moment I think it is better to leave the possibility to turn on LTD/R This is because other characters are sent from DCS instead of "error"
  14. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out
  15. New version 1.0.2021.1126 avaible - AV8 UFC: the "clicking" area of the ODU buttons has been enlarged (now you can click on the button or the LCD) - AV8 UFC: added ODU displays in vertical mode (to "click" tap on a given LCD) - AV8: HUD switch area has been enlarged - F-14: added VDI indicators on the ACMP panel - F-14: added gun ammo count indicator - F-14: 'Lights' and 'RIO CAP' panels have been updated to support the latest version of the module - F-14: improved text display on devices with smaller screens - F-16C: fixed MAL IND LTS switch on the 'Lighting' panel - JF-17 INT LTS: fixed 'Consoles' knob - graphics of some knobs/switches has been changed to new ones - unnecessary files have been removed - added Android 12 support
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