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  1. it was boresighted, everything worked too, then it didnt
  2. im trying to learn cpg (very slowly!!) and iv got the gun selected (dotted) got the tads facing the target, master arm on. sometimes the gun will fire others it wont and i have idea why. the range is showing man 3000 (3km?) . i thought you changed it by boxing it then typing a and enter on the keypad? that does nothing, what am i doing wrong?
  3. i can get it to 4 knots, just not quite nailed a completely stable hover yet
  4. can i lock the sight? i keep moving my head and throwing my aim off lol
  5. i have a stable version which i use and now the beta version, do i need to bin 1 off?
  6. iv installed and run the beta. im not seeing the apache in the drop down menu, is that normal?
  7. anybody got a link to the dl page?
  8. so it will probably work in the next patch? i get loads of errors at dcs startup but it works anyway lol, not with apache yet though
  9. No. The 1 I saw used the actual stick and extended it. Google is useless
  10. I'm sure I saw somebody made a hello collective out of an x52 stick but Google shows nothing. Have I imagined it?
  11. can you use the cpg pit alone in multiplayer?
  12. what if yopu dont have any friends? askin for a... oh
  13. thanks for the reply, using the new workflow has tidied me up ALOT
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