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  1. I've seen that video, in fact I was the one who 'Liked' it Great take off right there, well done. I was able to do it, maybe not quite as well as what you've done there but still not too bad. Your other Mossie take off video shows it more what I can do for my best possible take off. It's a lot more all-over the place compaired to the real life video. If somebody as talented as yourself still only gets airborne just before going off the side of the runway then I think it helps my point. For me it just doesn't feel right at all. I feel if the real one was a touchy as that then there would've be plenty of bent mossies and injured pilots in WWII. I've had the pleasure of seeing a real one take off from a very narrow strip (mossie would've been about 80% the width), which it had no trouble at all keeping down the middle. And that was with a stiff, maybe 30deg crosswind.
  2. Looking at the video. The take off of the DCS version looks way off to me. He appears to go full throttle and it shoots straight down the runway with little trouble. I'd be spinning all over the place if I tried that in DCS.
  3. Hey C3PO,if you click the PC Pilot link from the Key Aero site - it redirects to a broken install script. So you can't see anything about the magazine. Its broken in the dropdown menu and the link from this page:- https://www.key.aero/aviation-magazines
  4. Awesome, looks like we can buy a digital version when it comes out. Count me in. Looking forward to it.
  5. I'm trying to find information about wether the A-7E could fire Mavericks. I know there were some photos of A-7Es in desert storm with mavericks loaded but I'm not sure how they were actually controlled. In the 7E cockpit the only larger screens are for the Radar and the Moving map, so it looks like there's physically no screen to display the Maverick camera on? Unless it could only fire laser mavs that were designated by third parties - which doesn't seem right as you'd still need to know when the mav has laser track. Anyone know for sure if Mavs could be fired? and if so, how were the controlled?
  6. I have the same problem in multiplayer. Mine seems to start when I switch to other F-views. eg F10, F2,F3. Jumping back to F1 sometimes drops my FPS right down, though it seems to come right after a few mins.
  7. Thanks for the info, I haven't been able to recreate it so can't save the track unfortunately. Typical; when you're trying to break something it works perfectly, even the laser Mav has been fine since I've been keeping an eye on it. But what you've described could be the problem. It's only happened online where I tend to be rushing through things. I see if I can recreate it it tonight. I tried loading more than 2 A2G as Rick mentioned above (Sidearm, GB38, GBU12 and 2x Mav-Es) weapons but that seemed to work fine.
  8. Actually that could be it! I'll do some testing next time I'm on there but it sound like that could be the problem. Thanks very much!
  9. I fly the Harrier quite a bit and have noticed that sometimes after takeoff, I can't select any of the weapons from the stores page. It shows the stores under the wing locations but none of the weapon names accross the top of the MFD, so I can't select/activate them. Sometimes I notice all the weapon stations under the wings have boxes around them. Is this something I'm *sometimes* doing wrong during my cold start, or is it a failure, or a known issue? I've also noticed that sometimes the Laser Mav E gets stuck while searching for the laser, the search cross just gets stuck in one position and stops tracking left/right - then it can't be uncaged/caged to reset. Again not sure if I'm doing something wrong, there doesn't seem to be much info on how to do this correctly now that it's changed?
  10. Yep, left eye only for me too, just had the same problem in the Harrier so I don't think it's plan specific.
  11. I have the same problem. And some river reflections seem to be in the wrong place in one eye.
  12. Hey Chuck, Would it be easy to place a paypal donate button on each of the Mudspike pages? I can never be bothered with Patreon each month but I'd happily donate each time I download a manual. They really are excellent, thanks for all the hard work! Another thing you could do is offer custom kneeboard images for things like cold starts and weapons depolyment. I've made a few of my own from screenshots of your guides. Regards, Nathan
  13. On the left MPCP, you can assign a button keypress in the Input Manager to the left most button on the lower row (I think it's button 1) however pressing the button in game doesn't work. The only way I can press the button is to use the mouse and click on it.
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