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  1. What I "May" have noticed is that when all USB joysticks, rudders, throttles, MFD's, etc... are unplugged, and the sim is run - the wing fold bug and keyboard/mouse lock out doesn't seem to happen???? CB
  2. Other than the incorrect position of the handle, the wings dont show folded, or even unlocked. however what you can't tell from the video is that I am using the mouse, then the controller, and finally the keyboard to move the handle. None work. the handle is locked. When this happens I cant fold the wings. CB
  3. here is a single abbreviated track, broken into 2 files for upload. I have higher rez, and longer vid that shows DCS startup - this issue - and then pages through my system setup. CB handle_move_1.mp4 handle_move_2.mp4
  4. And NO, game modes are NOT selected and wing fold control keys do NOT overlap. What else you got... I will make a vid and post.
  5. Thank you for your response. I have tried first with mouse, then first with assigned controller button action, then first with keyboard. It seems that once the the handle is is in the fold position nothing will move it out.
  6. I'll apologize if this has been discussed before, but a quick search yielded no results, so... Sometimes when I move a rotary dial in the cockpit of the hornet (has occurred both on ground and in the air) seems only near the start of a mission, the wing unlock will briefly sound and the wing fold handle will move to the fold position. The wing fold warning will then disappear and the wings will stay extended. whenever this happens I can no longer move the wing fold handle through joystick, keyboard, or mouse control input. I thought it was just a controller file burp I had on my old beta install, but after building a new machine and a clean install, there it is again. Before you jump all over me - yes, I have cleared every command from the wing fold control scheme and it still pops up about every 1 in 5 flights... Anyone else seen this? Are there any fixes or workarounds? CB
  7. It's been a long long time since I opined about new aircraft modules, because DCS has met and far exceeded my every expectation with all the current and known future aircraft. However, since the days of Sid Meier and MicroProse I have always had fun flying the Stealth Fighter or the F-117A Nighthawk. I think this would be a great module! And the gameplay would a little different from all the other 3rd and 4th gen fighters! CB
  8. That looks like an amazing setup - only need an F-35 module to go with it...
  9. I’ve built both UFC, and working MFD’s with TM mfd controllers. Lemme know. CB
  10. I am not familiar with your other choices but the Thrustmaster TPR set has served me well so far. History: I went through many other sets prior and could never seem to get the same level of control I got with the TPR. Started with Ch Products rudder pedals - which worked well but aged out on me (after 10 years... so what do you expect...) I replaced them with the cheaper TM set, which worked... but I was never able to get good fine control out of them... I finally found the TM TPR used on eBay and have been exceptionally pleased ever since. Happy hunting... CB
  11. AWESOME! Much thanks - now I can use that old throttle again. CB
  12. It can actually be quite useful, once all the ECM and ECCM systems are modelled... Another system that it would silence would be the ASPJ, a system that you would turn on at FENCE check and probably forget about - but I'm pretty sure its not implemented yet either. It will not stop you from transmitting over UHF though... gotta remember that if you're trying to be silent and deadly...
  13. I agree - DLSS seems like it could go a long way with both VR and flat screen DCS performance - but I wonder what it really takes to implement it...
  14. The Shapeways AB detent works VERY VERY well for simulating the real Hornet AB - The finger lifts are ONLY used for starts. period.
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