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  1. Thanks! Loving it so far. You also forced me to finally learn how to input and update waypoints, so that's a plus. Do you think I should wait until the update comes out to experience it like you intended?
  2. I used to have no problems seeing the HMCS symbology during the day. Now, even at the brightest settings, I can't see it if I'm in anyway facing the sun, or if there is cloud cover below.
  3. I'm in mission 2, and they recommend attacking the SAM at high altitude (angles 25 or greater.) However, there is about 75% cloud cover and despite some holes in the clouds, I have trouble getting into a good position to attack it with an LGB or Mavs. Once we hit WP 7 or so, do we have time to loiter until we can find a good place to attack or is there a time limit?
  4. Much more diverse landscapes (green areas near the coast, desert further inland. Lots of hills and mountains for helicopters to play in. Pretty interesting and detailed cities.
  5. The problem is that the screen will sometimes go black. The screen is NOT off as this time, if the chat window is up, I can see that fine as well as communication windows and alerts. If I look in other directions, I can see. If I were to rotate, say, 90 degrees right I'll be able to see again, but if I then look left back at my original azimuth, the screen goes black. All external views work fine as well as map view, briefings etc. I believe it is specifically related to when the Shkval is active. I have yet to notice this happen when it is caged and I'm just navigating. It doesn't happen immediately after uncaging, but several minutes into a fight, I'll start having the issue. I can alleviate it by caging and flying in a different direction for a minute or two, but I'll maybe get a few seconds of being able to target before it happens again. This only happens on the KA50 and I haven't been able to recreate it in the Hornet, Tomcat, Jeff, Huey, etc. However, in the Hornet, I have seen the screen flicker black once or twice, usually on startup, before it goes away. This has happened in no other VR game I've played. Not even a flicker. Please let me know if you need any more information as I love flying my li'l Black Shark and this is extremely annoying. :) Edit: I get dark flashes with other modules, but they usually go away after a few minutes.
  6. Every time I launch DCS, I get "The following DLCs are not authorized..." showing the two modules I tried during the trial. I can't find a way to remove them as they don't show up in my installed DLC on Steam. The game does launch, but I still want to get rid of the warning. :)
  7. I'm thinking of getting this campaign. Did today's update fix this?
  8. For me, my throttle squeaks badly if I turn the detent around. I need to keep it on to avoid the striction/squeaking.
  9. If that doesn't work out, how about a free hat or t-shirt? :)
  10. I have both, but I'd recommend the Hornet first. There are more features implemented, and carrier ops give you a lot more things to master. More bang for your buck.
  11. That's vortex ring state. Basically you are flying into your own disrupted air and the rotors aren't providing enough lift. If that happens, you gotta cyclic forward and collective down to move out of it and hope you have enough altitude left to do it. :)
  12. The Tomcat's DLC makes it a lot easier to make adjustments without screwing up your AOA.
  13. The biggest challenge for me was managing OGE and IGE and avoiding a Vortex Ring State (VRS) (when the rotors' lift is disrupted. Early on I'd slow down too fast and too high and then just plummet into the ground. Basically, if you are coming down for a landing and suddenly start dropping like a rock, lower your collective and tilt the nose forward to speed out of the disrupted column of air and regain control. Eventually, with experience, you'll learn to avoid entering a VRS altogether.
  14. I've been flying the Huey fairly regularly recently and autopilot works for me no problems. I use it mostly when tuning the radios or checking the mission briefing (in multiplayer) to look up radio freqs and what not.
  15. The no dedicated DL radio definitely makes for some interesting decisions while flying. I'm never quite sure what combo of datalink, AWACs, and channel to other players I should have open. :)
  16. I know there's an early, but incomplete manual as well as Chuck's introduction guide, but I'm wondering if there's anything more comprehensive. I know there's a bunch of videos on Youtube, but I fly only in VR, so it is hard to use videos when I need to reference something on the spot. Plus, I like reading documentation of this sort before bed (because I'm that kind of nerd.) I have a couple of hundred hours combined between the Bug, Tomcat, and Viper (mostly in the Bug) and overall I found Jeff very easy out of the gate. Got cold-starts memorized within an hour or two of first starting up. Figuring out the laser-guided missiles, A2A radar, etc were equally user-friendly and easy to learn. However, there's a bunch of systems I've never used before, like the A2G radar, MAWs, learning the new symbology on the HSD, etc. If not, I'll just keep watching videos and wait for the completed manual and Chuck to do his thing.
  17. Got it. Uploading the track and mission. Cold start with no weapons. Loaded weapons using ground crew, took off, ACM, no lock. Let me know if you need any more information. cold start 2.zip
  18. I had a few minutes to try and recreate it tonight. Created a quick mission with the same parameters as last night. Took off, intercepted and ACM boresite worked. There are only two differences from last night: 1. I'm using my monitor, not VR (which is weird as hell, considering I've never seen the game outside of VR) 2. I started on the ramp already loaded with missiles defined in the mission editor rather than using the radio to set a loadout. I might have a chance to do one more try tonight, if so I'll post the track and mission.
  19. Unfortunately, I didn't save the missions. I just created a new mission on easy, disabled all planes and vehicles except for red attack planes at maximum, gave myself a couple of 120Cs. The first time (ACM not working) I had it set to cold and dark. The second I had it start in air. I attached the two tracks earlier, you are looking for something different?
  20. OK, I've got 2 tracks: Ramp.zip.acmi: Cold start on the ramp. Got within 3 miles and no lock using ACM boresite. Flight.zip.acmi: Started in flight. ACM boresite locked immediately when I was in range. Problem seems to happen only when starting cold on the ramp. 99% of my time playing is in multiplayer on servers that start you cold on the ramp, so it didn't occur to me to check SP starting in-flight until now. I attached a couple of screenshots with the tracks. Please let me know if you need any more info. Tacview.zip
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