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  1. What gameplay options are locked/restricted? Labels? Map view?
  2. Only in PVP. Dogfighting the UFO like AI Mig15 isn't recommended.
  3. Ich hab diverse Monstertech Halterungen abzugeben, alles im Sommer 2021 gekauft, sehr guter Zustand: MFD/Tablet Halterungen links+rechts 90 EUR Joystick / HOTAS Tischhalterung (Lange Version) - VKB Gunfighter MK1/MK2/MK3 95 EUR Joystick / HOTAS Tischhalterung - VPC MongoosT50/CM/CM2/CM3 Throttle 80 EUR Maushalterung 56 EUR Standort Pitten/Österreich, Bezahlung bar oder mittels Paypal oder Vorabüberweisung.
  4. The toggles won't work, as they are auto returning to the center position. I don't see any possibility to bind a 3 position switch with the switches on the throttle. Alternatively: You could use a modifier in DCS to map multiple functions to a switch/button. Use a hat on the right throttle grip for the autopilot controls. Use the three position switch on the left throttle for modes, the pinky switch for autopilot on/off.
  5. It's a bug. No solution as far as I know.
  6. What do you need the hdd for? Those are sooooo slow. You should not use a hdd for either Windows, DCS or X-Plane.
  7. Am meisten Missionen und Kampagnen gibt's es für die P-51 und die Normandie Karte. WW2 Asset Pack brauchst du auch. ED hat einige interessante Aktionen mit der Kanal Karte - nur für die gibt's recht wenig Missionen und Kampagnen.
  8. nm probably stands for nautical miles.
  9. If you haven't tried it yet, rename the DCS saved game folder (C:\users\YOURUSERNAME\saved games\DCS or DCS.openbeta), so DCS rebuilds all the config files and try again.
  10. There is a thread on the forums describing your problem: For the majority it seems that an overclocked gpu was the culprit. I would start with removing all mods and reshade, rename the DCS save game folder, run a repair and underclock the gpu. Good luck!
  11. Bought. Mainly for the Apache, but also to help pay for the new FLIR.
  12. Started with Gunship by Microprose on the C64, played Gunship2000!, Janes Longbow 1 and 2. Always loved the Apache - so ... Happy days!
  13. I had Crosswinds (without combat pedals) and TPRs and preferred the TPRs due to their unique mounting mechanism. Build quality was equally fine.
  14. You should open a support ticket here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/
  15. Have you selected the "Axis Commands" category from the pull down menu ? The keyboard column should be empty there - so I guess you didn't... but you have to, if you want to assign axes.
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