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  1. The flight director cross is displayed only when you're in ILSN steering mode, regardless of whether you switch into that mode manually or automatically, so if you were trying to follow the flight director cross, you were in ILSN steering mode. Also, you will be better off following the instruction in the Instrument Landing System training mission, which is to allow the steering mode to switch to ILSN automatically when you arrive at the appropriate waypoint. If you deviate from those instructions and switch manually instead, you may be switching at a time when you're less well-aligned with the approach path, which will make the approach more difficult.
  2. Hello! You should be using your HSI to keep track of your orientation relative to the runway. Remember that the HSI will indicate the bearing and distance to the runway, as well as the heading of the runway (which will tell you whether you're aligned with the runway, or approaching from an oblique angle or from the wrong side). If you don't know whether or not you overflew the runway, you're not using the information on the HSI enough. Really large jumps of the flight director cross typically means that you're so misaligned with the proper approach path that the navigation computer is having trouble guiding you. If your HSI indicates that you're not where you should be (that is, aligned with the runway and heading towards it), try to manually correct this first, and then resume following the flight director cross. I recorded a flythrough of this mission here - hopefully that helps! Thanks for letting me know about your struggles with this mission - I'll review the training missions to make sure that I didn't miss any important points!
  3. @BIGNEWY this bug is still present years later (in version - is there any chance it could be fixed soon? (In a nutshell, this bug is that the number in the "course" window in the A-10A's HSI is totally wrong, which can be quite confusing until you realize that's it's broken.) Hopefully it's an easy fix Thank you!
  4. No no, this mission starts in flight in NAV mode already, so pressing "1" would switch to ILSN steering mode. The mission is supposed to finish once the player progresses through the training instruction and then successfully navigates to WP3.
  5. Hey, glad you found them helpful! Thank you for letting me know about this issue! Unfortunately I looked into this mission and I couldn't reproduce the issue myself. Your problem is that you couldn't get the notification that the mission was complete by navigating straight to WP3 as requested - you had to first turn around and go back to WP0, and then fly to WP3, is that correct? Would you be able to upload a track file from when you fly this mission and encounter this issue? (After you fly the mission and end it, you can click "Save Track" in the "Debriefing" window to save a track file of the flight.)
  6. N22YF

    Mission 2

    Hmm, I had a similar problem on DCS version I made a bunch of super low passes (definitely under 400 feet AGL) over the town and could see the shooting, but nothing happened after the passes. I'm pretty sure my passes started more than 4 minutes after saying "preparing for our run" (it took me some time to enter the coordinates and fly to them, and figure out how to release flares), but the shooting was still going on during my passes and I didn't get any further dialogue. (Another minor issue I ran into in this mission was that I couldn't get the displayed altitude autopilot mode to work - only the amber light would come on when I pressed the button.)
  7. I believe the Flanker has a trigger on the stick for only the run-up brake (the DCS command is "Wheel Brake Start"), and the pedals are used for normal wheel brake control. (At least, this is true for the Su-27, and I don't imagine they changed it for the Su-30.) Here's an example line from the Su-27SK flight manual: which, according to Google Translate, is:
  8. Glad to hear that! Alright I uploaded an updated version of the missions - the space bar issue in the aerial gunnery mission should be fixed now! Thanks again for reporting the bug!
  9. Oh my gosh, I think it is broken - thank you so much for pointing this out! (In all my testing, I think my beta testers and I always used a joystick button to fire the gun, and so we never noticed this issue with the space bar!) I will fix this and get an updated version out within a week! (I would do it sooner, but I'm away for the holidays at the moment.) In the meantime, you can certainly bind the "Weapon Fire" command to another key and/or a HOTAS button as a workaround, as you and @Rudel_chw mentioned.
  10. The main skill required in this mission is following briefing instructions, not missile evasion Make sure you read the whole briefing and are following the instructions as written! (And make sure you're using the latest version of these training missions, which is v1.2 posted on June 30th.) If you're still having trouble after doing that, though, let me know! Maybe I need to make the instructions more clear. Hard to say without knowing the specifics, but that's certainly possible! Glad to have helped!! I also felt like it was a great jet to learn DCS on, since the cockpit is in English and it's much simpler than e.g. the Hornet (and much cheaper too)!
  11. Thank you! I was attempting to do a much better job than the provided FC3 training missions and I'm glad it was appreciated! However, I think you might not disagree that a new set of MiG-29 or Su-27 lessons wouldn't be worth the effort if you knew how much effort such an undertaking took!
  12. Neither, actually - I tried to explain this in that training mission, but maybe I didn't do a good job? Here is the text from the HSI description from that mission - could you let me know if some part of this is confusing or unclear, so I can improve the explanation? I know what you mean! I actually like the FC3 planes a lot for that reason - you lose some realism vs. full-fidelity modules, but it's much easier and quicker to get up to speed on how to fly them when you're starting out, and easier to remember if you take a break and come back. Well there are already MiG-29 and Su-27 training missions provided with the game - they're a little bare-bones, but they're complete enough that I don't think it would be worth the effort to create a whole new set of training missions (in contrast to the F-15, which does not have any provided training missions).
  13. Apologies if the training mission for this topic (04 Navigation, Autopilot, & Fuel Management) wasn't clear enough! Here's the text from that training mission that covers this - could you tell me which part was confusing, so I can improve the explanation? (This is also explained on pages 47-48 of the DCS F-15C manual.) Note that the bank steering index isn't related to the bank angle, at least not directly. The bank angle is the roll angle between your wings and the horizon, while the bank steering index shows where you need to bank and steer to in order to follow the course line. You could use a steep bank angle to steer to this quickly, or a shallow bank angle to steer more slowly.
  14. They do not go in any "MissionEditor" folder. The folder with the training missions should go in the destination mentioned in the instructions (that is, in your Saved Games missions folder). For a specific example, if your Windows username is "Johnspar" and you're running stable (not OpenBeta), that destination will typically be "C:\Users\Johnspar\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\" for English Windows installations. I'm not sure how other language versions of Windows translate these folder names - for Italian, it may be something like "C:\Utenti\Johnspar\Giochi Salvati\DCS\Missions\" instead. Hope that helps!
  15. Hello Giovanni! Did you happen to see the provided instructions?
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