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  1. UPDATE 3: Combined crash during a MP mission: DCS Crash + SRS crash + Discord freeze. It happened to 2-3 of us in this way while others had DCS crashes or not able to join the mission with no reason. (mission already played days before with no issues). What could cause 3 programs (DCS, SRS and Discord) to crash at the same time? # -------------- 20220401-213546 -------------- DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19043) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at D16A1989 00:00000000 SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.;C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta;C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\system32;SRV*C:\websymbols*https://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols;', symOptions: 528, UserName: 'DAVIDE' OS-Version: 10.0.19043 () 0x100-0x1
  2. Yes I have, I downloaded it from the link in post 1. I see the 3d powerline worker model but it's without textures
  3. Hi guys, I just installed this great mod with the additional attachments, the only things missing are the Powerline Workers textures. Are they linked to some specific skins? Where can I find them? Many thanks
  4. Hi guys, I know in post 1 there are some links but I can't find a complete list of all the VSN mods available for DCS O.B. Can you please point me to the right link please?
  5. UPDATE - 17/02/2022 Posizioni aperte e requisiti
  6. Thank you for your reply. There are no triggers erasing the marks and "Read only" is ticked. I send the .miz file to you via PM as it's a restricted mission
  7. Bringing this thread up as the issue has not been solved yet Is it standard for the Mark Points to disappear or they should stay there?
  8. Update 2: New crash, this time after 5 minutes in cockpit (F-14). It was a freeze followed by a black screen. I needed a manual computer re-start. Looking to Event Manager in Windows I found this one at the time of the crash: "Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: DCS.exe (292) consumed 45484691456 bytes, Discord.exe (14748) consumed 201949184 bytes, and SearchApp.exe (10972) consumed 114085888 bytes." I can't believe it's a RAM issue because with 32 Gb I've always flown well and nothing changed from one day to another!
  9. Update: After reinstalling Nvidia drivers using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) first, now DCS is working properly (with the old Saved Games folder luckly). The problem now is that the Freesynch is not working even if everything is activated both on nvidia control panel and the monitor (it's officialy in nvidia list of g-synch compatible monitors) and it used to be fine before. I checked Freesynch functionality using the Nvidia Pendulum Test. Could it be possible that after the latest nvidia drivers update, the freesynch issue is causing the CTD? How comes it doesnt' work now?
  10. Hi Big, here it is Windows and nvidia drivers were already updated, slow repair done, no improvements. (No Steam user) dcs.log Additional informations: - Crashing in MP and SP - Different missions - With or without mods
  11. Hi guys, me and other clients on the same server experienced continous crashes while entering in cockpit (on different modules). Looking others in F2, F10 map etc. was fine but as soon as we selected a slot and go in, DCS crashed to desktop together with discord. Some windows warning messages showed, different for every crash and many times didn't show any message at all. One of the most common ACCESS VIOLATION we had on the logs is the VCRUNTIME140.dll Here attached some of the crash reports. PS: no RAM problems (32 GB) or SSD space problems (more than 350 GB free) Thanks for your help NF dcs.20220209-212335.crash dcs.20220209-213542.crash dcs.20220209-205956.crash
  12. Hi guys, I'm using a Mission Start trigger to show Mark Points (the orange circles in F10 Map) at the beginning of the mission and they should stay there as they define some corridors entry/exit points. Unfortunately, they disapper after 10-15 minutes and I'm unable to keep them (I tried "Repetitive action" using a Flag true and other solutions but I can't find a workaround). Do you guys have any suggestion? Even using some scripts would be fine. Many thanks
  13. Thanks, I was guessing it would be possible after having seeing it in the ED video 2022 and beyond. If you check closely, the F-16 wingman has no HCMS. Probably a new feature then.
  14. Does it works on the F-16 too? Where do I have to paste this lines? Many thanks
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