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  1. Got it, thanks. I'll fix the logbook file and proceed with Mission 15 then.
  2. Hello! First off, thanks for an amazing campaign taking DCS to the next level. I'm reading the book "concurrently" with the campaign (reading up to the start of each mission, but flying the mission first to preserve surprise/suspense) and it's quite the immersive experience. I just flew Mission 14, and a minute or so after dropping on the target and starting the egress, it sort of froze as though it was quitting. I pressed Esc in case it was just lag (intending to pause), but it was in fact quitting, since I arrived at the end-of-mission debrief screen (and because I pressed Esc it asked "are you sure you want to quit? progress will be lost", which I declined). I mention hitting Esc only for completeness; I don't think it affected anything. I wanted to check if this was intended behavior? It seemed like it was possible it was the "mission save" feature I've seen before (but haven't used since I like air-to-air refueling), but it seemed surprising since it just quit rather than prompting for a choice. In case it's relevant, I'll describe a bit more what I was doing on the run-in and on egress. On run-in, I was seeing what seemed like debugging messages, mentioned in another thread here. I got spiked and launched on by SA-15 a couple times, and each time I went defensive, making roughly 360 degree turns to the right. I felt like this put me behind the other flights. To avoid the SA-15, I deviated to the left (west) a bit and managed to get to the release point. Both bombs hit the Anvil 11 target (saw it on FLIR and debrief page). On egress, there was some dialog going between Flip and Weed (I think) warning about a lightpost tracking from the north (which would've been behind me) and Flip saying he's ok. I did mild evasive maneuvers, but didn't get any spikes and saw no missile launches behind me -- it made me wonder if my position had set off a trigger at the incorrect time, but not sure. The mission exit happened just a bit after this. If this is expected behavior, I was going to follow the instructions here to fix the logbook and go to mission 15. But if it means I missed the second half of the mission I'll give it another go. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello! I just ran into the same issue (HVA dies before I get there) on the current OpenBeta (not on Steam). I pressed spacebar as soon as the option presented itself after dialogue with Overlord, which I think was beyond 40 nm away from where Axeman is (not sure exactly). Just wanted to report this in case there's supposed to be a delay in the trigger until the player gets close enough. I haven't yet tried the "pressing spacebar on the JTAC until within 20 nm" strategy, but will give that a shot next time. Thanks!
  4. Oops, you are correct. Sorry!
  5. Hi all, I was in the same boat as you all: instant crashes with any mission with planes from the Civil Aircraft Mod, or trying to look at the 3D model in the Mission Editor. I tried to make sure that the mod was in the right place (Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft). Tried adding the fake_spot_lights.zip file. Tried copy-pasting my whole DCS install and downgrading to stable -- still exactly the same result. I was really surprised at that since this thread indicated the upgrade to 2.5.6 was the problem. Finally, not sure why, I deleted my version of Civil Aircraft Mod (which was v0.81) and downloaded a new version. Deleted the old one from my "Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft" and replaced the new one. Works now, on OpenBeta! Not sure why, but give it a shot. (Should mention that I still have the fake_spot_lights.zip file in there in case it makes a difference.)
  6. Hello, I tried to do Mission 13 before seeing your reply on my Mission 12 bug report. What brought me here initially was to report that after the Mi-8s land, the special forces appear to run around the main building and factory in a circle, and nothing's happened after some time. I understand this is likely due to the pathfinding issues in the current open beta. But since I noticed an additional issue while investigating, I found that there are 2 AAA guns placed inside of the factory building. They can't fire out and there doesn't appear to be a way to fire in. (I even dropped a GBU-12, some rockets and guns on the building, which eventually was enough to destroy the building, but then the AAA was just under the rubble, but alive.) I noticed because in the F-10 menu they were still listed and I couldn't find them after looking for a while aside from one AAA that a wingman destroyed. Not sure if that will go away after ED's bug fixes, but figured I'd mention while memory is fresh.
  7. Got it, thanks for the update! Hopefully they're able to fix it soon.
  8. Hello, I'm on Mission 12 and wasn't sure if this was incorrect but figured I'd report it in case. After hitting the mortars with rockets I got the call for CAS from the friendly convoy (can't remember their callsign). After first pass with guns, convoy says "hostiles are suppressed, request reattack." After turning away to line up again, Overlord (I think) calls for CAS on troops attacking from Kobuleti from the north. Assuming I should prioritize the north attack, I go over there and do gun run. They call the attack successful. Can't remember precise order here (whether , but I think I get a call from convoy that they no longer combat effective and withdrawing. I go back to the forest they called for gun run on earlier and gun it again. I think convoy calls this successful but might be I just saw an explosion. Overlord calls about the truck coming in from the west, do show of force, and destroy the truck. Overlord tells me to return on station. I don't see or hear anything happening at this point for several minutes; seems realistic but less frantic than the beginning of the mission, so I wasn't sure if I missed something. I go look at the convoy and they're just waiting there. I thought they were supposed to go to the mortar site (which was still quite far away), so they looked stuck. I'm also winchester aside from Mk-82. I wait another 4 or 5 minutes (in game time) and nothing happens, so I restart the mission. This time I do the same thing except I do the second pass on the convoy's hostiles to avoid them calling that they are "no longer combat effective" so I feel good about this. However, I get to the same waiting point. This time I turn labels on and see 1 single hostile infantry in the forest, somewhat surrounded by blue infantry, not attacking each other (nor doing anything else). There are also 2 or 3 trucks back at the mortar site. I run back in on the single red infantry (getting unrealistically close to avoid friendly fire) successfully, but no response from blue infantry to having no more reds there. I go back to the mortar site and gun those trucks. Everything is clear of reds now. A minute or two in game time later, Uzi shows up and I get told RTB/the mission continues. It may well be that Uzi would've shown up without me mopping up the reds (I spent some significant time doing this). But I was still confused why they didn't react to the red in their midst, nor go all the way to the mortar site. The vehicles stayed near the road which makes some sense (though it seemed like there was terrain they could've used to get there), but the infantry stop in a section of forest that's separate from where the mortars were. Mission was really good nonetheless -- just wanted to give this report.
  9. Hello, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm just starting to learn about mission design, and I'm interested in designing some humanitarian one where the goal is to protect a civilian population, e.g. a group of protesters. Googling around I came on this thread, which looks like others have actually done this. I'd like the mission not to be a forgone conclusion, so can civilians be attacked by enemy units? In stock DCS the closest unit I can find is the airshow crowd, which seems to be an impervious static unit. The mods linked in this thread look amazing, but can they be damaged? Also, are there units that are essentially like infantry but are unarmed (e.g. that I could have walking/running around which are mixed in with armed units)? I'm wondering if this all has to be simulated in some really ropy way (e.g. set a trigger for if munitions enter some box, then some score change happens). Also open to any suggestions on good campaigns out there with such a humanitarian theme. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Baltic Dragon! Just flew it successfully and had none of the problems I had before. (I didn't try to drop a laser guided bomb on the bunkers using the JTAC laser, so didn't test that, but since the exact coordinates were in the briefing anyway it made more sense to drop JDAMs.) Before retrying the mission, I had a somewhat similar hard crash at the exact moment I landed an F-18 on the carrier in multiplayer. After that I restarted and Windows ran some updates. Have only done this one mission since, but perhaps that fixed some of the problems. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Hello! First off, I'm enjoying The Enemy Within tremendously so far. Tense, seems realistic, really well done. I'm on Mission 8 and the first problem I encountered was that the wingman stays back at the parking area no matter what. Tuned into tower and asking for taxi, it'll tell me "Ford 1-1, hold position" over and over. I think it might have something to do with the 2-flight of A-10s coming in to land, but not sure that it ends there. In any case I've tried taxing all over the place, waiting for the 2-flight to land, taking off, etc. and the wingman never follows me. After attempting the mission with the default load out I decide it's probably not sufficient without the wingman's weapons, so I redo the mission more or less doubling load (removed rockets added mavericks for 6 total, added 2 GBU-12s). On my redo attempt, this was going well although I couldn't get the the GBU-12s to hit the bunker using the JTAC laser. I didn't do LSS to verify this, sorry, but I think they may have been lasing the right-hand bunker while I was doing CCRP on the left-hand one (the JTAC-provided coordinate is relatively imprecise and points to a tree between them, and I think this may have contributed to it not hitting). Not a huge deal but I thought I'd mention it, and I haven't really precisely verified the JTAC is lasing the wrong location -- possible I messed up here. After hitting the bunkers with JDAMs, I shot a maverick (all I had left) at the main structure. Then, hard DCS crash. I can't imagine this is the fault of mission design because surely you shouldn't be able to cause that. ;) I then restarted for a 3rd attempt at the mission (again without wingman and with heavier loadout). This time my JDAM didn't hit the Gaskin (not sure why) so I shot a maverick at it (successfully). I then shot a maverick at the closer AAA site within the main camp, followed by hard DCS crash. Again, I'm sure the mission design shouldn't cause a crash but am mentioning in case you have ideas about what additional factor might be at play. It seems to happen just about the moment of impact, and both times it's been mavericks. I really enjoy this mission so hoping there's a workaround I can use to complete it successfully. Grateful for any ideas!
  12. Nope, don't see it on the main screen. I tried running Skate Zilla's app, but it doesn't seem to be working either, or at least I'm not sure how it would here (from poking around with it).
  13. I'm using 0.81. I tried deleting the one in the main DCS folder (just leaving the one in my "Saved Games" folder -- and yes, "Username" is replaced with my actual one). When I restarted DCS, it hung on the splash screen while loading. I left it alone for at least 5 minutes before doing "End Task." When I tried starting again, it got to the main menu fast (the normal amount of time), but no sign of these civilian planes in the mission editor. By killing DCS when it hangs, am I stopping it from properly loading the mod, and then when I restart it acts as though it's already been loaded? Seems like mysterious behavior. I was watching in the TAsk Manager during the hang that for DCS about 3% CPU was used and memory very slowly ticked up from abou 1.008 GB to about 1.025 GB over that time. Curious if any clues helped. Do I need to do anything special in DCS after copying the folder to get the planes to show up?
  14. Hello, I would *love* to use this mod, but unfortunately having trouble. I've copied the "Civil Aircraft Mod" to both the "DCS World\Mods\aircraft" and the "C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft" folders (the former alone first, then both), but don't seem to have anything. There are no new AI aircraft in the mission editor available, as far as I can tell. Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. callsign: CSG-8 | Lewis squadron: CSG-8 nationality: USA average ping: 80 primary aircraft: F-18 (blue) secondary aircraft: F-15 (blue) tertiary aircraft: Mi-8 (red)
  16. So, one mistake I made was not calling up Lazauri with the F10 menu. I think I naively tried to call it using the normal ATC menu (assuming the its name there was different or something), and since my radio doesn't work anyway (because easy comms are enabled), I didn't think anything of it. If you use the F10 menu, they'll put out orange smoke. The other thing I tried was reducing tree visibility and grass/clutter all the way to their minimum values (not sure if one or the other was critical). That cleared the area of trees. The orange smoke showed up in a previously tree-covered area, so I think this is necessary. (That said, maybe if you land where I did before with the orange smoke on, it would've worked. Haven't tried.) Would be nice if the mission was robust to different tree settings, but this workaround isn't too bad once you know about it.
  17. Hi all, I'm on mission 2 of the Spring Tension campaign, and the 2nd place you land is the Lazauri outpost on top of the mountain. The outpost itself is under some trees, so I landed at a flat place a bit higher up (near the old structure mentioned in the briefing). Nothing happens. I tried shimmying my way down to the outpost, but ended up under the trees and unable to go anywhere. (I had to shimmy down a fairly steep piece of ground, steep enough that I couldn't go back up without taking off.) I found from 2015 where the pilot lands at this outpost. The mountain peak is both snowier and clear of trees. Looks like something changed ... any way to get around this?
  18. Ah, the fuel gauge selector was the solution. Thanks for the tip!
  19. Hi all, my fuel gauge seems to show the same fuel quantity, whether I refuel or not. I've found some other posts indicating similar things maybe happen with other Russian aircraft perhaps because it measures only cumulative fuel flow (as opposed to actual current fuel level), but I'm struggling to find something on this for the Mi-8. I'm also not sure why it indicates the same quantity regardless of how much I start with (from mission start). Any ideas on what to do?
  20. Just would chime in that strategy #3 from naizarak above worked for me, using the default loadout (looks like CCRP/auto works for Mk84s now). As a precaution, I fired off my sparrows on the run in to the target to deflect the Migs a bit. I think it was my wingman who hit the target (I didn't check the track after but it seems right given the timing of the "mission accomplished" message). After dropping the bombs, I did full power back toward the carrier, but saw my wingman being closely tailed by a bandit on the SA. Turned around and shot an AIM-9 at them successfully. We were tailed by another bandit but by this point it seemed to make more sense to drag them toward the F-14s ahead, who finished them off. If you decide to make a real go at the bandits, it seems like things are stacked against you pretty heavily. Your wingman refuses to attack them, the SEAD hornets won't go after them, and so you're kind of on your own aside from them having these other targets, and there are four of them. Plus you have only 2 sparrows and 2 sidewinders, so ... are you going to have to get a hit on every missile? If you wanted to drop your bombs after clearing the bandits, you'll be dragging four Mk84s through the whole fight too. When I look at it this way, it seems you really do have to get in and get out as fast as possible.
  21. The "sweep ahead/push early" strategy makes sense to me for dealing with the air threats, but how does this help with the SAMs? Are you trying to draw fire away from the strike package? Just mentioning here that my strike eagles get eaten by SAMs before or right after they get their ordnance off (and hornets too). There are Mig-31s lurking behind the SAMs that start trying to attack once they get close, but it's the SAMs that actually kill them. I'm not sure if I should be zooming through the SAM WEZ to get to the Mig-31s -- is that the way this mission is supposed to work?
  22. Did this ever get fixed? I am having exactly the same problem on this mission.
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