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  1. Same for our INS implementation wich is very backbones I fear the hornet will never reach the level of completion expected of dcs standard Will wait untils its finally complete before buying anything from ED
  2. Have better tactics for BVR for ai, simple things like crank and a grinder for a2 or 4 flight Better dogfight tactics, where they dont just spin around you without trying anything else such as, moving aggressively when we are close to a firing solution etc
  3. Yeah would be really great to set up gci interception and other nasty stuff without using script
  4. i still have this issue, any ccip cue are completely wrong Date was 1990 in PG map using mk 82 Any news on this?
  5. Hello setting up a strike with tomahawk missile shot from ships, all of them crash into tree on their way in Normally they have equipement to follow ground terrain Here the miz and the trk Step to reproduce, place a naval unit capable to fire tomahawk (bgm 109b) Create an advanced task, fire on point choose cruise missile has weapon Choose max quantity possible (i choose 30) Cruise missile problem.trkcruise missile.miz
  6. In most recent version, Nevada seems to work
  7. I Hope they will implement it when they finnish the hornet's ins system
  8. Hello, Using simshaker version 2.2.8 On the mi-24p hind Payload release/missile launch cause a track ir plugged unplugged message in the top right corner of the screen On top of there is a little freeze during that and no vibration Landing gear seem to not work either EDIT: After further testing a lof of effect for hind isnt working, vortex and maybe other as i'm not sure and its my first helo
  9. Perhaps the dev can see this and fix it, it seems it might be an easy one to fix
  10. As per your manual: Some light which are marked with white markers next to them arent displayed after light test button is released, TILS button for example
  11. There is no track file in this post, so its not gonna be investigated, i will wait their implementation of the INS beforedoing further testing and posting track
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