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  1. Okay, I also found this which does say AutoTrack, but it doesn't work.
  2. Hi all, just a few quick questions. 1. Is there any assist modes for hover other than the symbology page? (i.e. Hover Autopilot) 2. Other than Linear Motion Compensator (LMC) is there any other way to auto-track a moving column? Its a bit hard to keep that sight on a moving vehicle even with LMC. Especially if the road that the vehicle is moving on is curved.
  3. Hi all, does Aerges has a community discord server?
  4. That is very nice to hear, thank you!
  5. @BIGNEWY Now that the release date on steam has been pushed to the 31st of March which is the last day of 2022 Q1. Would you be able to confirm that this is the new PLANNED release date or is it a placeholder? Is there any hope for the module to come out in February as been stated before?
  6. Never understood why people buy pre-orders months before the release and then whine about the delays. Here is a hint to you guys, just wait till the release is confirmed (a day or two before the release) and then buy. The price will be discounted all the way until the release hour. Did that for the Hind module and will do that for the AH-64D module.
  7. Yes as per T&C you are not entitled to any miles if you have used miles for your purchase.
  8. Gimme a new date to whine about now.
  9. If no delays occur the current plan is for late January.
  10. If you haven't seen it, I suggest watching CasmoTV youtube, he is an RL AH-64D Pilot and one of the SMEs for the AH-64D DCS module, he flew the apache, and according to his words its more or less ready for EA, just a few polishes to be done. https://youtu.be/bDzgaN_iWPg
  11. Have exactly the same problem here. The gauge just jumps instantly from 0 to 1000
  12. We still don't have an opportunity to share ground target coordinates between F/A-18C flights. A-10C has had this feature since unmemorable times.
  13. It is probably a temporal feature while the new FLIR technology for DCS is being developed. What is interesting is that HB has developed a really good and independent solution to their LANTIRN TGP, it looks great.
  14. I understand that Aircraft from the 80s should not be compared to aircrafts from 2000+. We have Mig-19, Mig-21, M2K, and so on. Now, look at the servers and what 85% of players fly on. Right, that is 16,18, and a bit of 14. ] Usually there is only 1 cold-war era server that has 10+ players. There simply isnt that many people enjoying the old stuff. I understand that DCS is a simulator, but you have to look at it from the gameplay view as well. There are some people like me and perhaps you that enjoy DCS for its realism and the environment that it represents, we don't care about our K/D ratio. The majority of people in PVP multiplayer DCS like to pick the modern stuff in order to have no disadvantage over the opponent. That's just human nature. 9-13 would have more use in DCS and you can't argue with it. At the moment there is simply no full-fidelity redfor opponents for blufor aircrafts. Doubt that we will see 9-13 due to the lack of documentation. That's the only thing I am trying to say.
  15. Would have been really nice to see 9-13 instead of 9-12. 9-12 is not capable of carrying any fox 3 missiles, and most probably will not stand a chance against F/A-18C and F-16CM. We all know that DCS stands on F-18, F-16, and F-14. At the moment there is no worthy opponent for them.
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