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  1. Al IL-2 vas a noterle mucha mejoria dandole rosca al procesador (al menos eso me resulto a mi estando en tierra y cuando aparecen los contrarios). Con la vega 56 tampoco esperes maravillas. Todo lo que quieras en performance te va a costar calidad grafica
  2. Tecnicamente el quest funciona con un usb 2.0. La transmision que tiene no llega a los 300 mb/s. Una vez lo probe con el cable que viene para cargarlo y tambien funciono. Lo uso con un usb 3.0 noramal y me funciona lo mas bien
  3. Hola. Estas en bolas totalmente o por lo menos manejas la parte del link del quest? La calidad grafica no la vas a poder pasar de medio y sacale las sombras. El quest dejalo en 72hz con la resolucion manual en 3616x1840. La densidad de pixeles en dcs en 1.0. No uses msaa porque te va a comer fps tambien. Proba con eso y despues seguimos tocando. Lo importante ahora es mantener 36fps con el asw activado
  4. Did you read this: "You may require the latest C++ redistributables for this mod to work properly"?
  5. I did no mention. I'm using standalone version with binded account and now isn't avaiable
  6. i've bought on may 2020 NS 430 on steam. That buy was come with l-39 and mi-8 3d addon in combo. Now because on steam they add c101 and gazelle 3d models of ns430, everything is selling separated. My purchase was for the combo, i didn't spect than a later time my 3d models for mi-8 and l-39 has to be purchased again....
  7. The only way to hit a target is set TGT to "MED". "SML" and "LAR" don't work
  8. "Added threshold value for flaps axis so flaps on/off are now binary." how many years was it wrong? no one had that data? there were no real pilots / RIO's / crews who realized that it was badly modeled?
  9. vr headset is the same, we know what are we talking about
  10. Emanuele, your ram's are 3600mhz. What headset are you going to buy?
  11. Well, between old an new setup the difference is still minimum. Shader mod is the difference and with the old setup maybe you can get 66 fps... at 0 cost
  12. GTX 10xx series works better with 442.19-442.74. Magic benefit of latest drivers with no latest gpu series is a placebo. Nvidia doesn't mind improving the experience with older gpu's. They prefer you buy a more recent model
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