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  1. Sorry for the late reply. After reinstalling dcs and following flappie and elmo steps dcs worked, i suggest to follow flappie and elmo tips
  2. I have a problem with dcs basically I login and it keeps loading infinitely. I have tried to perform a clean installation and deleted the folder in saved games. dcs.log dcs.log.old
  3. Grazie a tutti per la partecipazione fantastica missione, nonostante i lag il server ha tenuto meravigliosamente nonstante l'alto numero di player e la mappa syria che pecca ancora in ottimizazzione. [YOUTUBE]
  4. Prova creare un collegamento simbolico
  5. I would like to change with the m2000c, is possible? thanks
  6. Name: [sIG A101] Debo Squadron : Sim Italia Games Country: Italy
  7. Event: 1v1 Contact person Discord ID: ARIETE 1-1 | SIG Debo#8774 Aircraft Selection: F-16 Pilots:SIG Debo Country: Italy
  8. if you pull 8g why the bombs and fuel tank dont will be damaged or detached?
  9. Nick= ARIETE 1-1 | SIG Debo F/A18c possible to switch Red side on jf-17
  10. Si usa le api della ED, per il discorso radar vede esattamente come dovrebbe vedere un radar in linea generale.
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