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  1. I'm also having issues with this when designing a mission. Has this bug been reported?
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    +1 SDB and JASSM. Give people a joice, both weapons are available for the F-16C. Anyone who wants to keep "his/hers" Viper a 2007 National Guard, just don't use these weapons.
  3. Don't forget to request JASSM at the end!
  4. This map is such a great addition to DCS! Ugra is gonna kill it in sales, and hopefully they'll add Cyprus fairly soon - this will increase even further the already awesome possibilities in mission planning, by adding realistic NATO launch point, conflict with turkey, etc...
  5. Hello, Watching Growling Sidewinder's video, he mentioned that when moving target designator cursor the max and min altitude numbers don't change. Will this be implemented correctly at some point? He covers this issue in less than a minute, check15:37 until 16:15 Here is the video: Edit: Additionally, at 26:22 he mentions that a radar SAM mode lock still sends STT notification to target. Thanks!
  6. Hey, did you manage to get a solution for your VHF radio issue? I'm also having trouble using the VHF radio (COM 2) in the Viper. In single player missions I'm unable to give orders to wingman, because I can't get COMM 2 to work. C&I knob set to UFC, Audio 1 controls under the throttle (COMM 1 and COMM 2) are set to upward on/enable position, VHF frequency is correct (as defined in mission editor and mission briefing), and pressing VHF transmit button doesn't work - the UHF in the DED flashes indicating the transmission was not in VHF. Am I missing something? Or the VHF radio is really not working? PS.: The viper is my first full fidelity mod, I've been flying only FC3 planes til now. So pardon me if my question is something obvious to fix.
  7. About a year since this project was last updated. Has it been abandoned?
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