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  1. If on my way to the mission area, I'd just fly around them. I may need those missiles for my mission, so why throw them at targets that aren't my mission. If on my way home from a mission and I have spare missiles still on the aircraft, sure, I'd take them out. Doesn't seem worth it to slow to a hover for two targets. Slow a bit down to 80 - 100knts, make running passes at both targets, then return to your route. If you've identified and targeted the vehicles already at 6km then go straight in for your first attack, then depending on the threat, peel off and come around for a second run on the other target.
  2. Only other thing it could be is that you forgot to power it on with the pushbutton on the center column.
  3. Select the apache unit, select NEW in the waypoint tab on the right, and then start clicking on the map to add them. At present you can only add waypoints to a single route. The Mission Editor does not support multiple routes at this time.
  4. I also agree this wasn't intuitive to me either. But it is correct to the real aircraft. Apparently different people's brains work differently in this regard, and ours don't agree with the person who designed the system.
  5. This logic is a little curious right now, and I agree it's annoying. The question is, is it correct to the real aircraft? NATOPS says the caution should not be activated when the refueling probe is extended. It also says it is "reset" when a number of things happen, so I wonder if the caution should not be triggered repeatedly without being manually reset. That's not clear though.
  6. When Kevin Miller wrote Raven One he made the decision to use fictional squadron and ship names. The pilot's name are all fictional too, does that bother you? It's hard to call the books not realistic based on that, Miller was a real-life Hornet pilot and squadron commander, and his books are some of the most realistic looks into what life is like as a carrier strike fighter pilot. It makes perfect sense to me that a DCS campaign based on a book would use the same fictional squadron and ship names the book used. Besides, the "Raven One" story would be pretty weird without the Ravens.
  7. I totally agree. I wish we had the ability to turn off things like HMD alignment and Maverick boresighting in settings. I enjoy the realism of doing it, but I also completely understand why others don't and think they should have that option. I also skip all the tests and checks when I do a cold start, but enjoy doing the alignment process, everyone has their own way they like to play the game and that's alright. Just like I think we should have the ability to dynamically switch between hot and cold start at the beginning of a mission. Maybe one day I want to do it, the next I don't. Or I want to fly a mission but am a bit short on play time. Or I do a cold start, mess up a mission, and don't want to go through the whole cold start process to give the mission another try. I don't think the mission designer should be the one to dictate if you must do a cold start or not. Plus, as a mission designer myself, maintaining both hot start and cold start versions of a campaign is a chore.
  8. "Simulator" has a few definitions. There are professional simulators that pilots use for training. These are big and expensive, and need to be certified by the FAA (in the US). But "simulation" is also a genre of computer games. This is what DCS is. It's a simulation game. As a real pilot, if I can't record sim hours in my logbook, then it's a game. If DCS really were a "simulator not a game" then I'd have a whole lot of hours I haven't been recording ... But yes, DCS has more than a few problems as a game. Some of those are mission design related, others are just game design. But this is OT. I know the Hornet has a "memory mode" where the computer continues to extrapolate and provide guidance updates for a track it has lost radar contact with. If radar contact is reestablished on that track while it is still in memory mode, before the trackfile is deleted, it'll resume using radar information to provide guidance updates to an in-flight missile. This isn't fully modeled in DCS right now, as it is intertwined with MSI, but it's partly there. I'm not sure if the Viper does something similar or not.
  9. Sure, though "annoying" is subjective, and you could say that about a great many things in DCS. Maverick to TGP boresighting is another example, so is INS alignment. It'd be great if DCS had dynamic and mission-agnostic startup type settings, but until that happens this is what we have.
  10. I typically set the ground units to a speed of 20, so they'll get there about twice as fast. Units have a max speed on different terrain types, so paying attention to where they're driving is also important. Avoid having them drive off-road directly through forests and dense cities at all costs, it will slow them down substantially. Sticking to roads (set their formation to "On-Road") is the fastest way to get them anywhere, especially when there are bridges. They'll not be able to fight as effectively, but if you've killed everything in their path it won't matter. @Eight Ball Mission 8-1 has another trigger problem, Flag 603 isn't set correctly as a stop condition causing the unit to sit at the first objective and not advance to the second.
  11. The zoom options on the Pilot VID Page are independent of the TADS FOV setting. They just make the image bigger or smaller on the MPD to help the pilot see a bit better. They don't zoom the image even remotely as much as the different zoom functions the CPG has.
  12. It's sorta both. FLIR systems in most military equipment tend to suffer from two primary problems: IR light is difficult to focus, especially with small optical systems. This is partly why the James Webb space telescope is so large; despite having an optical system 6x the size of Hubble it has approximately the same effective angular resolution in the IR spectrum as Hubble has in the visible spectrum. This means the IR light collected by military targeting FLIR systems is inherently a bit blurry. Most currently in-use FLIR systems have pretty low resolution image sensors, I don't think a single system modeled in DCS is capable of proving resolution better than DVD quality SD video. Most are between 300 and 400 pixels in vertical resolution and a roughly square aspect ratio. Now, there's significant complications to that comparison; for example FLIR image sensors are monochrome, so every pixel is providing full image data rather than only 1/3 in a color sensor. A significant amount of post-processing sharpening is also done on the raw image to improve quality. Plus, in DCS, most of these systems are 15 years old or more compared to modern day. The current-gen M-TADS Arrowhead has a display resolution 960x960, and modern pods like the current Sniper and the F-35's EOTS are HD and have color daylight cameras. But in many cases we have 90s technology as it was operational in the early 2000s.
  13. You're correct that the Super Hornet has a better TWR than the Legacy Hornet and is no slouch in acceleration. But I'm not sure where you're coming from with the engines. The F-22 uses the P&W F119, while the Super Hornet has the GE F414 (a derivation of the F404 in the Legacy Hornet). And the Su-35 certainly doesn't use the same engines as the F-22...
  14. Yah, from what I understand, real F-16 pilots pretty much never use the A/A master mode. They rely almost exclusively on the MRM and Dogfight override modes.
  15. That should be working then from what you've said. The "hidden" check box is the one that matters. The eye symbol in the layout window hides the object in the Profile Editor but has no effect when the profile is running.
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