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  1. It is kind of wild that people ask for a discount to an already discounted product. 20% off is a great deal!
  2. It's not done that way IRL. It's either Case I, II or III. But there is nothing stopping you from building that in a mission. You have your BRC so all you would need to do is the math to come up with a radial and distance. Push time would be completely up to you. Now that I think of it, you can do it from a quick start mission, just ignore the AI ATC.
  3. Except on the Flight deck of a carrier.
  4. Really loving the nostalgia that the Forrestal/F-14A bring. I'm still toying with placing objects but man, HB is the ish!
  5. Awesome! Once you get the feel for the power on glideslope, it gets better. The B has that great power cushion advantage. I fly the A more and always have to remind myself that I'm in the A. My point: Have fun with those engines with DLC and you'll be flying OK 3's soon enough!
  6. Always keep the throttle moving as well. Turn your speakers up if you can, with the Tomcat (Thank you HB) you can see the airframe vibe a bit when you add power (since we can't feel it). Try to stay ahead of the power curve. I fly the pattern slightly fast (amber doughnut over a red chevron) until out of the approach turn. It helps when I roll out.
  7. Same here. Updraft just as I cross the ramp and an EGIW with the associated cut-pass. Haven't tried the Tomcat yet.
  8. Just a thought. Seeing as whatever free carrier you are using: A. Does not have the Comms nor any of the other functions such as DL, that would make up a proper ACLS Case III recovery. B. No wands at night (coming) I'm failing to see the gripe as you will not have these functions on a "dead" carrier anyway. Sounds like an immersion killer as you would be missing some pretty major pieces bro.
  9. Just trapped and blew my starboard main mount. Waited for repair and got acknowledgement but no action.
  10. I was going to start a new thread, but I found this. I have been away from the Harrier, but I do recall the BRC and other SC Comms being given. Now it's back to the old comms. Anyone know what happened? I think The Tarawa needs some TLC.
  11. I see your "not even close to nights" and raise you. I have not fired a single shot in anger yet. I'm still trying to get used to her and am feel really good about landing and hovering. I'm using the Winwing Super Taurus setup with a stick extension. Stick extension helps a lot. Did you get the desired result from the 25 curve in your peddles?
  12. I played this game ad nauseam. It truly was fun when it first came out. DCS is leaps and bounds ahead but there are a few things like the physics of it all that this game has, and we are missing.
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