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  1. Damn your good. So much simpler than what I had. Thanks very much.
  2. First, I am a lua/DCS scripting noob. I want to use a script to issue messages to my squad during a multiplayer Liberation campaign mission. The purpose is to let them know how much time has elapsed, and how much is left. I can easily do this in the ME with ONCE triggers that uses the time more trigger. As I want to do this for each mission, I would like to write a script to do this so I can just add the script rather than adding 7 triggers and the associated message each time. I've got a script working but the only way I know to get it to check each time is to use the REPEAT trigger and then have it execute a DO SCRIPT command. This seems pretty inefficient. Is there a better way to do this? TIA Clutter
  3. I'm late to this part and ma trying to do something the same thing. The "net.load_mission" function isn't working. I am very much a lua noob, so not sure what your code does. Also not sure what is meant by "the key reason it doesn't work is that the net.load_mission is not available to the 'mission luaState'. " Thanks
  4. Thanks, @speed-of-heat. I haven't read it completely yet, but will read and try. I noted that you "... migrated away completely". May I ask what you migrated to.
  5. I just got the WarBRD base and as I have been a big user of TARGET over the years and have several profiles, I changed the VID/PID in the Virpil software so that TARGET (via Windows) see it as a TM Warthog joystick. And it does, for the most part. Last night, not all buttons were working as expected in one of my profiles. Specifically, the commands assigned to the POV were not working. When I went to Windows Game controller windows, the POV didn't register. All other buttons appear to work as expected. When I tested the Virpil base outside of TARGET, the POV shows up and registers when moved. I don't know if this is something that can be set somewhere or a limitation of how Virpil base is setup and how TARGET combines the controllers. Anyone else have this issue and knows of a solution?
  6. Hi, I'm looking at running the Liberation Campaign on a decicated server. To set that up, the have you commenting out three lines in MissionScripting.lua file. The lines are the sanitizeModule ('os'), sanitizeModule ('io), and sanitizeModule (lfs). What do these lines actually do and what impact will it have in commenting these out.
  7. Hi, Just getting started in the world of servers, dedicated servers and such. I have a question on using slmod. I'm sure it is something simpleing I am missing. I am trying to setup people as admins in the ServerAdmins.lua file. I understand that it requires the UCID. I think I can get those from the chat logs. I tried editing the ServerAdmins.lua file to add the UCIDs as text fields (enclosed in double quotes and coma separated). However, that didn't seem to work. I also did NOT restart the server after editing the file. So three questions. 1) Can I get the UCIDs from the chat logs, 2) is Admins = {"d------------------15", "7------------------------b", "4-----------------------------------f" } the correct format. 3) do I need to restart the server after I make the changes? ServerAdmins.lua
  8. Thanks. Thought there might be a way for the server to do it in a lua file.
  9. All, Is there a way to set certain user settings like Labels, F10 views and such for the server like you do for your client. If so, how do you do that? Thanks, Clutter
  10. All, I am brand new to trying to run a dedicated DCS server, and probably have 10,000 questions. Before the questions, a little background. I know nothing about servers or running a server. I know a little (very little) Lua and have done some basic (and I mean basic) scripts to include in a few missions. The server is up and running. Currently it basically just runs one mission, until I manually restart it. I have glanced at slmod and have seen scripts to determine how long the server has been running and restart it (I think)? So, 1) Where do I start? Is there a “DCS Dedicated Server for Dummies” 2) Which of the pinned threads should I read or skim? 3) Does SLmod work with a DCS Dedicated server? - Yes 4) Does “loop” loop though the mission in the list once one is “done”? Yes this is how it works. Works down the list from top to bottom 5) Is it best to set triggers in the mission to end the mission after a certain amount of time, or have a script to do this? 6) And , HELP! Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. I most likely didn't describe it correctly. As far as I know you can't program the collective and the associated grip through TARGET. I do use all three. I have the TM Warthog (joystick and throttle) programed through TARGET and then assign the collective controls directly in DCS. Hope that helps clears things up. Clutter
  12. Have had the Oculus CV1, Oculus Rift S, and the HP Reverb G2. Love the G2 for it's clarity IN THE CENTER. I don't have much fo a problem from side to side to others have. The clarity is far above the Rifts S. Its FOV is a little narrower than the Rift S. I am very happy with it.
  13. oh HELL no! Ka-50 BS1 (2008) was a day 1 (if not pre-order just can't remember). I have them all, and fly them all (well, not the 24 much). I enjoy each one for what it is (yes that includes the SA342). I just recently starting putting time in the 8, and not sure what took me so long. There is a script one can run to make the SA342 lase for other planes and that is a blast. Yes, I think the AH-64D will be a great module, but I will still fly all the others (the 24 is the only one in question atm). So enjoy all the helos that we have and all the ones to come.
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