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  1. I just realised this is for the Anton. This was happening 3 months ago when I was trying it in the try for free period. I'm sorry I can not test this as I didn't purchase the aircraft. But everything seems to be working ok with the Dora
  2. Sorry I haven't tried it since Feb. I will give it a go & get back to you.
  3. It is a normal problem for me. (more than a year) Some times copying the config files work but 98% of the time it doesn't. Just because it doesn't happen to you its still a problem. Its more widespread than you what you think. A lot of people just don't say anything give up & go away. The biggest hurdle keeping new players in DCS is the controls menu/mapping. & It shouldn't matter if it is only a few guys like you say it shouldn't be happening . DCS is the only game I have to remap my control settings after an update. I haven't been able to copy old .diff files for quite some time. I have two PC's that both have DCS installed. Both have the same issue (remap after update). One of them has stable & the other has OB. How can they rectify it ? Well if I knew the Answer to that I wouldn't be sitting here writing this.
  4. Unfortunately not. The .diff file that are your control files are not compatible from one version to the next This is something ED should of fixed a long time ago. You should not have to rebind all of your controls when ever there is an update. This is very tedious & time consuming & quite frankly has started to put me off DCS. I have a lot invested in DCS with over 20 modules sim rig ect. This issue is just being ignored. There is no other sim/game out there that you have to rebind you controls & remap almost everything after an update. Considering the complexity of DCS aircraft & the controls mapping this should on the top of the list to be rectified.
  5. This issue has been going on a long time. When DCS updates it wipes/changes your controls. When I tried to report it on the forum I was dismissed & told it was me. ED haven't done anything to try & fix it. It is extremely frustrating considering the complexity of remapping your controls. I have all most 20 modules so it becomes very tedious task. Any control files you had backed up before the update are not compatible anymore.
  6. Unlimited Amination is not working correctly. It will load the bombs but you can not drop them more than once. This use to be an issue with the 190 Dora a couple of years back.
  7. Coll still alive. Quote from link above. Vapour Labs 9 January at 10:17 · Hello, all. Firstly, yes, we're still alive! However, we have unfortunately had our hands tied on our end due to the massively serious implications of COVID-19 having affected every single one of our lives on the team. Every team member has sadly been extremely busy and focused on their own personal lives as a result of the situation, and hope that we can slowly move out of what has been since happening. We're hoping to pick back up on our progress for 2021 and resume our development as normal with updates coming around the Q2 mark. We apologize for the abhorrent delay in everyone receiving information from our end. We have been contacted as well about having the MiG-25RBT becoming a potential 3rd party module, however, this is still in talks. Thank you all for your continued support. For the time being, we will leave you with a render of the current PBR texture work on the cockpit. Vapour Labs Team.
  8. Not sure mate all work fine in the exact same scenario.
  9. mrmat01

    EDGE 340 Mod

    Any updates on this mod? Last time I tried it it broke my DCS.
  10. OH! None don't use it. Not required for windows 10.
  11. mrmat01

    model kits

    That's where the aftermarket would come in
  12. Hi guys Thanks for all of you replies. I tested my internet speed & it was running as it should @ 49.9MB/sec. I was downloading in torrent . I was getting speeds as low as 110kbs/sec. I did a Steam download & I was getting speeds of 12-20MB/sec. I also tried a media file download ( Hercules ver 6.1 273.81) & I took all of about 15 seconds. I reported the issue to support & they were extremely helpful & looked into it. Now that my new install is done (all 36 maps/modules) on the new PC I will have to wait for the next patch to test it. Speeds as of the 08\01\21
  13. Thank you I did contact support & they were excellent. Thank you ED team
  14. In what way ? The Syria map is a level above the rest & is soon to be expanded. The Syria map has set a new standard. why do you think we haven't got the Mariana Islands yet.
  15. Gday all I just recently had a PC built for the young bloke. I am now in the process of installing DCS. What I am wondering is what sort of download speed is every one getting from the ED update server? I am getting a miniscule 1.5mb/sec . I have a solid fiber to the home internet connection with most of the time 40-50mb/sec As the download speed is sooo slow from ED I have all the maps & most of the aircraft it is going to take over 24 hours to download all of my maps & modules at the moment I'm only getting 255KB/s I would be very interested in hear why it is like this & how it could be improved & if ED could up the download speed for us customers so this wasnt such a chore. PS: This is day two of trying to install all of my maps & modules check this thread. Server capacity may be limited at the moment. Please, try again later. - Installation Problems - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  16. My PC just spent the last 18hours Downloading all of my modules & maps (150GB) worth of data. & when I came in to check how it was going. there was an error message on the screen saying Server capacity may be limited at the moment. Please, try again later. This is extremely frustrating 18hours of downloading because DCS would only give me 1.5mb/sec over a cabled 50mb/sec connection. It tells me Server capacity may be limited at the moment. Please, try again later. ?????? Please find attached auto updater log. autoupdate_log.txt
  17. Yep you have to go through & delete ONE AT A TIME all of the modules that you downloaded in the try for free period. You have to go into the module manager hit the delete button then DCS will restart. Then repeat the process for every single one.
  18. Please see pictures below. This is a brand new DCS stable install on a brand new PC. When ever I go quite out of DCS & then try to start it any time later I get this error message & I have to go into the task manager & kill it. I have the same error on my other PC that has DCS stable & OB installed on it. Both having the same error message. This is a bug I have reported before.
  19. Mine are gone too. Well this sux! The other thing that sux is what happened to the DCS emoji's Now we just have the standard mobile ones.
  20. mrmat01

    model kits

    I have already started my DCS model collection.
  21. Just to show it wasn't a fluke.
  22. I was wondering if anyone gets this after exiting DCS & then restarting it. I have to go into the task manager & kill the DCS updater. Please see picture
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